How to Get Fate Points in Genshin Impact

Here's what fate points are and how you can get them,

Genshin Fate Points
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Fate Points were an added fixture to Genshin Impact after the 2.0 update. They belong to the Epitomized Path, a feature that helps Travelers obtain the weapons they want from the Epitome Invocation weapon banner.

The Fate Points mechanic can be accessed via the menu and tapping the icon at the bottom left. From this menu, you can chart a course towards the featured weapon you’d prefer to have.

When you receive a 5-star weapon that is not the one you initially chose, you’ll receive a Fate Point. This does, of course, mean that you’ll need to spend Wishes in the Epitome Invocation banner to accumulate Fate Points.


Fate Points Genshin


But remember! Travelers can hold up to two Fate Points at once in Genshin Impact.

Although, once you do have two Fate Points, it guarantees that the next 5-star weapon you receive will be the one you charted a course towards.

Getting Fate Points In Genshin Impact

Before you wish on the banner, you can choose a 5-star weapon that you want. You’ll get one Fate Point every time you don’t get the weapon you chose (to a max of two fate points).

This will of course cost you wishes, but by all means you will absolutely be able to get your desired weapon of choice within a reasonable number of attempts.

If you have one fate point, but then receive your desired weapon. Your Fate Points will reset to 0 once again until you choose a new desired weapon and try to get that one instead.


Good luck getting your desired weapon, if not right away then keep on wishing!


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