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How Old is Qiqi in Genshin Impact?

This little zombie has been around for a long, long time.

Updated: May 19, 2022 11:06 am
How Old is Qiqi Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s characters are one of the most recognisable aspects of the game, with their aesthetically pleasing designs and unique personalities. Qiqi is a character many players have taken a shine to, thanks to her cute design and endearing, forgetful personality. And then, there’s also the fact that she’s a zombie, which adds a whole level of mystery to her and her past. But this does raise the question; if she’s a zombie, how old is Qiqi?

How old is Qiqi?

There’s not an exact answer in-game regarding Qiqi’s age. However, what the game does tell us is that Qiqi died a long, long time ago. In her Character Story 4, it opens by saying, “This ancient story has long been forgotten by mortals.” In her Character Story 5, it even says, “After hundreds of years, Qiqi was discovered by humans.” So, we know that Qiqi is at least a few hundred years old. However, that being said Qiqi is by no means an adult; she remains physically, and mentally, a child. In fact, some fans of Qiqi have collectively agreed that she is about 8 years old biologically, based on her appearance and mannerisms. While this is purely speculation, it’s plausible.

How did Qiqi die?

Another question fans may be wondering is, “how did she become a zombie?” This is a rather tragic story, wherein Qiqi accidentally stumbled into the realm of the adepti one day whilst foraging for herbs. She injured her leg in a fall, and was soon caught in the middle of some sort of battle. The adepti could not bear to let this young girl die, and so they collectively imparted to her a portion of their strength, bringing her back to life.

While she did awaken, she soon fell into a berserk state. And so, the adeptus Mountain Carver sealed her in amber. It wasn’t until a few hundred years later that she was discovered.

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