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How to Unlock Storytelling Method in Genshin Impact

You’ll have quite the story to tell after completing this quest.

Updated: May 10, 2022 5:07 pm
How to Unlock Storytelling Method in Genshin Impact

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Storytelling Method is a World Quest in Genshin Impact, which players can only unlock by completing three Daily Commissions set in Inazuma. This is similar to The Narukami Trail, which is also locked behind completing a series of Daily Commissions. Keep reading to find out how to unlock Storytelling Method, as well as how to complete it.

Complete the Commissions

First, you’ll have to complete the Inazuma Daily Commission “Is This Novel Amazing?” Towards the end of the Commission, you’ll be given the option of two different dialogue options. Choosing “Actually, Junkichi’s idea isn’t bad…” unlocks the Commission “This Novel… Seems Problematic?” Choosing “Actually, Shigeru sounds more reasonable…” unlocks “This Novel… Seems Familiar?” Therefore, you’ll need to complete the Commission at at least twice in order to choose the two dialogue options.

While this may seem simple, there’s no way of guaranteeing you’ll get this Commission in the first place. Instead, you’ll have to pray to the Genshin RNG Gods and hope it pops up eventually. This can be made slightly easier if you set your Daily Commissions preferred region to Inazuma, as it drastically narrows down the pool of Commissions you could receive on a given day. You can do this by accessing your Handbook.

The next step is to complete “This Novel… Seems Familiar?” and “This Novel… Seems Problematic.” The Commissions themselves are quite straightforward, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty completing them. The hard thing, as previously mentioned, is getting the Commissions in the first place. Once you’ve completed these two Commissions at least once, the World Quest Storytelling Method will pop up in your World Quest Menu. You’ll also know when you’ve successfully completed both when you get the achievement “Editorial Opinion.” You’ll receive 5 Primogems along with the achievement.

Complete the Storytelling Method Quest

Now that you’ve finally unlocked Storytelling Method, how do you complete it? You’ll be tasked with completing a Domain, in which you’ll have to follow various instructions given to you by Junkichi. These include defeating enemies and interacting with different objects. After defeating the enemies at the end, you’ll leave the Domain and wrap up the quest.

Upon completing the Quest, you’ll receive Adventurer EXP x100, Mora x30000, and Hero’s Wit x6. You’ll also receive the achievement “Well, At Least It Ended,” which will surely mirror the heartless joy you feel at having finally finished it. At least you’ll get 5 Primogems for your troubles.

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