Notices Not Working in Genshin Impact – How To Fix

Get your Genshin Impact notices back with these quick fixes!

notice not working genshin impact

Since its release, Genshin Impact has taken the gaming world by storm with millions of players flocking to miHoYo’s creation every week due to its free-to-play nature and gameplay hooks that really reel you in. However, like all games, there are times when it fails you, leaving you with errors and potentially game-breaking bugs.

One such problem Genshin Impact players have been facing is ‘notices not working’ which is having seriously detrimental effects to those looking for game progression. If you’re not sure what notices actually do, we’re going to cover that shortly, along with how to fix the ‘notices not working’ in Genshin Impact problem a multitude of people are facing.


What are Notices in Genshin Impact?

genshin impact notice

So, we know notices sometimes don’t work but what actually are they? Well, notices are an important part of Genshin Impact as they not only tell you about current events within the game, they also discuss what new additions have been made. Moreover, if you’re into them, patch notes are also listed alongside any redeemable codes for that sweet loot.


How to fix Notices Not Working in Genshin Impact

notice not working genshin impact

You’re having the ‘notices not working’ issue too and want to get it fixed. Follow the below suggestions to help solve that so you can get all the in-game info you require and those sweet redeemables.


Click the miHoYo icon

mihoyo icon

Something that you might not have thought of is to click the miHoYo icon so solve the notices not working problem. To locate this, press Escape and click on the community option to go to the website. Find the miHoYo icon and click on it.


Delete webCache

webcaches folder

Caches are an everlong battle in gaming and there’s no exception for Genshin Impact. Deleting a specific Genshin Impact cache could solve your notices not working issue. TO do so go to your PC’s Genshin Impact data folder (Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact game\GenshinImpact_Data\). A webCaches folder should be in here, delete this. 


Disable Firewall

disable firewall genshin impact

Firewalls can sometimes be a big problem in games and having it enabled could be the cause of your notices not working in Genshin Impact. The steps for disabling your firewall differ PC to PC but this will usually be located in your antivirus software or Windows Defender.


Obviously, the above fixes are for PC only but if you’re having this issue on your console or mobile version of Genshin Impact try completely restarting your game to see if it corrects the problem.