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Is Yunjin From Genshin Impact Getting Released As A Playable Character?

We could finally be able to play as elusive Genshin Impact character Yunjin in a future update.

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There has been some speculation that Genshin Impact’s Yunjin will be released as a playable character sometime in the near future. Yunjin has been seen historically, but is not currently in game, aside from mentioned by a number of NPCs. This inclusion in the game’s lore has meant players have long-speculated that we will eventually see Yunjin as a character in one form or another.

Who Is Genshin Impact’s Yunjin?

We know that Yunjin is a singer and performer who works in the Heyu Tea House, as her name has appeared in an Ad on the Ad Board. We are told she’s a “huge star” and is coming to perform for three weeks. From the images that have been leaked and rendered of Yunjin, she has dark hair and red eyes, and wears mostly dark colours.

Yunjin Coming to Genshin Impact
Xinyan mentions Yunjin in their character story.

Some existing Genshin Impact playable and non-playable characters have already dropped Yunjin’s name as well, leading to further speculation that she will eventually arrive in-game. She has been mentioned in dialogue by the likes of Qiu’ge and Fan Er’ye, and is included in the character stories for Xinyan and Xingqiu.

When Could Yunjin Be Introduced To Genshin Impact?

Some rumors are spreading that Yunjin could be coming as part of an upcoming festival called The Moonchase Festival. With the Heyu Tea House ad mentioning that Yunjin will perform there, perhaps we could see her arrive in-game as a NPC in the tea house. Hopefully, though, we’ll get to see her introduced as a playable Liyue character.

genshin impact kokimi
Future playable character Sangonomiya Kokomi

This is all still only speculative at the moment, and some Genshin Impact leakers have even deactivated their Twitter accounts in the storm since the leak was revealed. Anyone wanting to play as, or even just interact with, Yunjin in Genshin Impact, just keep your eyes peeled for more news on the Moonchase Festival and keep your fingers crossed. Whatever happens, though, there is no doubt miHoYo will continue to add new characters to the game, with the adorably pastel-hued Kokomi of the Sangonomiya line coming next, following an official trailer.

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