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Ghostwire: Tokyo beginner’s guide

Quickly adapt to Ghostwire Tokyo's early challenges with our beginner's guide!

Updated: Mar 26, 2022 9:05 am
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Ghostwire: Tokyo offers a fully realized world to dive right into and bust ghosts to your heart’s content. With such a sprawling, impressively built world, it can be difficult to know where to start. Well have no fear, we’ll help you get started with our Ghostwire Tokyo’s beginner’s guide.

Buy skills depending on your preferred playstyle

Ghostwire Tokyo’s skill tree offers a wide variety of abilities for you to upgrade, allowing you to banish the game’s malevolent spectres with ease. But the game makes you really work for its upgrades. If you attempt to unlock every single ability, you’ll quickly spread yourself too thin. Especially in the early game. It’s better to pick a couple of abilities that you really enjoy and focus on them for a few levels, before branching out more later.

Use Spectral Vision liberally

Ghostwire Tokyo’s vision of Shibuya is vast and impressively, intricately detailed. It’s all too easy to get lost in this sprawling city and miss out on important items and upgrade materials. Thankfully, you unlock Spectral Vision very early on in the game. Be sure to use it frequently to highlight any objects of interest in the vicinity. And you can even upgrade Spectral Vision to improve its effective range!

Look high and low

Don’t just stick to Shibuya’s streets as you progress through the story. The game’s rooftops are absolutely littered with Meika – the game’s currency – and spirits to absorb. Once you gain the ability to latch on tengu and pull yourself up into the sky, the world really opens up to you. There are several upgrades that improve glide distance, and even one that allows you to summon your own tengu to any rooftop you choose. Soon you’ll be swinging and gliding through the city like a paranatural spiderman.

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The bow is your early-game best friend

Though you start out with Spirit Weaving as your only tool in Ghostwire: Tokyo, it isn’t long at all before you gain access to the bow. This powerful tool will deal much more damage than your basic spirit weaving. When combined with stealth, it will often destroy weak enemies in a single hit. This allows you to whittle down groups of spirits quickly and keep from being overwhelmed while you are getting used to the rhythms of combat.

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Don’t hoard healing items!

There is a particular mindset that many gamers share. ‘I can’t use this potion now, I might need it later!’ And of course, resource management is all well and good. But this can lead to players sitting on a huge stock of healing items and making things much harder for themselves by never using them. But Ghostwire Tokyo actively discourages this, making healing items is a big and frequent part of combat. Healing items are all over Ghostwire Tokyo, picked up from shopping bags dotted around the map, or available for incredibly low prices at convenience stores. And beyond just helping you in a pinch, healing items actually increase your maximum health too. There’s really no excuse for not using them whenever you need them.

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Practice perfect blocking

Blocking can often be a lifesaver in Ghostwire Tokyo. But it isn’t perfect. Regular blocks will still cause some damage from enemy attacks to go through. While it’s better than being attacked without any guard at all, you might as well take the chance to practice Perfect Blocks early on. If you get them right, you can completely negate incoming damage with good timing. Ghostwire: Tokyo’s early game is fairly forgiving, and healing items are in abundance, so get that blocking practice in while the enemy spirits are still sparse.

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This concludes the Ghostwire Tokyo Beginner’s guide. If you liked this, we have some further tips for you to help make the game a breeze. And while you’re here, why not check out our Ghostwire Tokyo hub for more guides, for everything from side quests to collectibles?

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