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Ghostwire: Tokyo DLC guide

Eager to spend more time in Tokyo? We'll help you figure out if DLC is on the horizon

Updated: Mar 28, 2022 1:07 am
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Ghostwire: Tokyo has only just been released, and some of its most dedicated fans will already have burned through the whole of the story. Those that have completed the game are no doubt wondering whether there is any extra DLC content available.

Unfortunately, at the time of publication, the only DLC available for Ghostwire: Tokyo is cosmetic in nature. If you purchased the base edition of Ghostwire: Tokyo, then the game’s DLC is currently out of your reach. But for those that either pre-ordered the game or splashed out on the deluxe edition, there are a number of cosmetic items available for you to equip and show off. We’ll walk you through what each of these items are and which packs they belong to right here.

Ghostwire Tokyo: Deluxe Edition DLC

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Those that purchased Ghostwire: Tokyo’s deluxe edition will gain access to the largest portion of DLC released for the game so far. The deluxe edition comes with two distinct outfit packs, one of which also reskins your bow into a different style of projectile weapon.

The streetwear outfit pack consists of four different contemporary outfits for Akito to wear. But the deluxe edition also contains the shinobi outfit, which changes the bow that you acquire early in the game into kunai instead. Mechanically the weapon remains the same, but it undoubtedly gives a different feel to your spirit-fighting prowess.

Pre-order DLC

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Pre-ordering Ghostwire: Tokyo will net you the premium biker outfit pack. While it would be nice for this pack to come with a bike for you to speed around the city on, at the very least Akito will get to look cool while rushing around on foot. But perhaps the more exciting option is the Hannya outfit, which allows you to style yourself after the game’s main masked antagonist. Depending on your perspective, this outfit may have the unintentional effect of turning Ghostwire: Tokyo into a comedy, featuring one contradictory man undoing all of his own hard work.

Is story DLC coming to Ghostwire?

Will Ghostwire: Tokyo add more substantial DLC in the future? While it may be too early to tell, things are certainly pointing in that direction. In a recent interview, the game’s producer Masato Kimura stated that ‘ after we get some rest it’s likely that we’ll start thinking about something cool. If there’s an opportunity to create DLC, then that’s something that we’ll probably want to think about.’ So after Tango Dreamworks take a well-deserved break, it may well be that we see some extra story content in the game’s future…

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