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Ghostwire Tokyo: A Stop in the Void side mission guide

Travel to a train station that shouldn't exist with our Ghostwire Tokyo side mission guide

Updated: Apr 4, 2022 11:03 am
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A Stop in The Void is one of Ghostwire Tokyo’s most challenging side missions. Thankfully, its rewards are more than enough to compensate you for the danger. We’ll walk you through how to clear this unearthly train station and its dangerous visitors with our Ghostwire Tokyo guide.

Ghostwire Tokyo: A Stop in the Void walkthrough

To start the A Stop in the Void side mission, you must speak to a spirit in the underground, northwest of Morite shrine. The spirit will tell you that if you are the only passenger on the subway, then the train will bring you to a platform that shouldn’t exist. Akito and KK decide to investigate this supposed urban legend.

Head through the doors to the left of the spirit and into the underground. Follow the green marker on you map down to the subway platform. Once you arrive, many visitors will appear and force you to take them on. Use AOE spirit weaving like charged fire and water to make short work of them. Once the visitors have been dispatched, the platform lights will flicker and the area will distort. An empty train will appear at the platform. Get on board, and the train will depart for its impossible station.

Into the Void

The train will soon transport you to an abandoned station in a grey, forboding void. Descend the ramp at the end of the station and approach the corrupted tree. But before you do so, look carefully near the tree’s branches. A powerful visitor will be lying in wait to surprise you; a Lamentation. It’s far better to get the drop on her instead. Utilise your strongest attacks – likely the bow or fire weaving – to get in as many hits as possible before the Lamentation drops to the ground. But don’t feel like you can breathe easy just yet, the real fight is just beginning.

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Once the Lamentation is defeated, destroy the corrupted tree’s core  to release a number of trapped spirits, that will warn you of a powerful presence lurking nearby. You would hope that this would be the already-dispatched Lamentation, but sadly that would be too easy. A large wave of visitors will then spawn. Take them out as quickly as you can but be sure to stay stocked up on ammunition. Destroy as many of the objects in the arena as you need to keep topped-up.

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Taking on the boss

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With the wave of visitors taken care of, all that remains is the presence keeping the spirits trapped. Return to the station platform and a crimson Kuchisake will spawn. Back off of the platform as quickly as possible and keep some space between you and the spirit as you wear her down. Eventually she will fall and the void station will cease to be. You will be transported back to the physical world, with all the trapped spirits coming along for the ride, free at last. Congratulations, you will now have completed Ghostwire Tokyo’s Into the Void side mission!

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