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Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki: Locations and purpose guide

Here is a Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki, informing you of locations the buffs they grant.

Updated: Mar 24, 2022 5:53 pm
Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki: Locations and purpose guide

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Ghostwire Tokyo has plenty of collectables in the game, one of them, being Tanuki, the Japanese Racoon Dog. However, they have mysterious shape-shifting powers. There are 25 Tanuki in total, most of them typically part of Torii Gate completionism. For those wondering what they are, and why you should spend your time looking for them, we outline all the facts in this Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki guide.

The purpose of the Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki feature

Ghostwire Tanuki buffs

The purp[ose of the Ghostiwre Tokyo Tanuki feature is to grant players powers for every five they find. You can get a range of buffs per your playthrough, which are the following:

  • Tanuki Prosperity Charm I and II
  • Tanuki Hardiness Charm I and II
  • Tanuki Bounty Charm

These fice different upgrades offer the player a variety of buffs. The Bounty Charm allows the player to get double the HP restoration from Food, which makes it extremely valuable for players who push that 200%  HP you get from being around level 30. On the other hand, the Property Charm increase the number of food buff stats you get from eating Nether food, along with the other extending the duration of those food bonuses. Each tier grants one extra food buff, while the other extends the duration of the buffs even further.  This is going to be huge when you get to end the game or playing on a harder difficulty as these bonuses help make the experience much better.

When you get to find all 25 Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki locations, you can then return to the boss, located in the northern forest. Upon completion, you get a Tanuki outfit, allowing you to walk around with a Tanuki fursuit on.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki locations

The Tanuki location are scattered throughout the map and are typically connected with the Torii Gates throughout the open world. These rascals are found in street corners, parks, on top of buildings and literally anywhere the player can get to. What makes them trickier to get is that they are even harder to spot as they blend into random objects that match the scenery of the area.

However, there are methods that make them much easier to spot. Your spirit sense can pick up their racoon tails swinging gleefully, making themes stand out. Upon closer inspection, you can also see their tails in the real world. You can also interact with cats around the map who may give you clues to Tanuki locations if they are positioned within a 20-meter range of the cat. Also, the Offering Boxes at certain Torii Gates make it easier to find these locations if you pay the 500 donation fee.

Below, you will find three pictures that reflect the in-game map with the exact Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki locations. Note, some of these are on top of buildings, while some are on the ground floor or by the river. Keep it in mind while running around the world and getting stuck. Keep these tips in mind.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 3
Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 2
Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki 1

This concludes this Ghostwire Tokyo Tanuki guide. If you liked this guide, why not check out other collectable guides like the Jizo Shrines or our Ghostwire hub

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