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Ghostwire Tokyo Hide and Seek side mission guide

Investigate a string of child dissapearances with our Ghostwire Tokyo guide

Updated: Apr 4, 2022 10:10 am
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Ghostwire Tokyo’s side missions often have you doing some occult detective work. The Hide and Seek side mission begins with Akito and KK receiving a tip-off about children’s games and missing kids. We’ll help you get to the bottom of these mysterious disappearances with our Ghostwire Tokyo guide.

Ghostwire Tokyo: Hide and Seek walkthough

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To begin the Hide and Seek side mission, speak to a spirit in the location marked on your map, to the northeast of Morite Shrine. The spirit will mention that a large number of children have gone missing around Shibuya lately. They supposedly each disappeared while playing a game of hide and seek. These are definitely strange circumstances for disappearing – unless the children happen to be exceptionally good at the hiding part – and KK suggests that you investigate further.

Follow the marker on your map to head over to the area near the statue of Hachiko. There, you will find the spirit of a child, asking someone to come and play with them. You can accept, and Akito will lay out his reasoning that either the child is connected to the disappearances, or he himself is a victim of them. Either way, it’s a good way to gather intel.

One the boy has vanished to go and hide, you can begin to track him down. Thankfully, he hasn’t gone far, but still further than he might have without being a spirit. If you don’t want to do all the legwork of tracking him down yourself – and Ghostwire: Tokyo’s game world is very large, so it really isn’t recommended, there’s an easy way to do it. Just activate Spectral Vision, and the child’s location will appear as a marker to follower. Feels a little cheap to cheat in a child’s game, but also this is an investigation and Akito will do whatever it takes to get results!

Seek inside the station

Head inside the station, and you will soon have to deal with a number of visitors. To make it easier on yourself, try and sneak up on the ones on the ground floor and perform quick purges to save having to fight them the regular way. Once done, make your way up to the top floor and grapple with another group of visitor. Use AOE weaving like charged water attacks and they’ll soon be toast.

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With the spirits cleansed, draw open the curtain on the nearby photo booth to find the hiding child. He’s had so much fun hiding that he will immediately vanish into the afterlife. The mission will then come to a rather anticlimactic end, as the child wasn’t involved in the disappearances after all. But hey, at least you got some Meika and spirits to absorb out of it!

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This concludes our Ghostwire Tokyo Hide and Seek guide. If you liked this, why not check out our Ghostwire Tokyo hub for more guides?

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