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Ghostwire Tokyo level cap: How to get to max level in Ghostwire Tokyo?

Here is a guide on how to get to max level in Ghostwire Tokyo

Updated: Mar 24, 2022 2:47 pm
Ghostwire Tokyo level cap: How to get to max level in Ghostwire Tokyo?

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Ghostwire Tokyo is the latest RPG with a special Japanese folklore twist straight from Tango and Bethesda Softworks. Here, players explore the ghostly world of Tokyo, filled with supernatural entities and a plat that threatens life itself. As you play through the game, you’ll level up, which will equip you with the tools needed to take on the more elite monsters in the city and beat the game’s major bosses.

However, there are only so many levels in the game. The actual Ghostwire Tokyo level cap is 50, which will allow you to gain a lot of skill points Moreso, each level you get in Ghostwire Tokyo will increase your max HP by several per cent. This is going to be a major part of being able to survive against some of his biggest enemies, especially the elite monsters and the bosses.

How to get to Ghostwire Tokyo’s max level? 

There are a variety of ways to level up in the game. You can do the usual side quests, the main quest and fight baddies in the world. As you unlock Torri Gates, you will gain XP, which will naturally level you up, not to mention unlock plenty of side quests filled with rewards. We recommend doing this early on in the game if you want to reach the Ghostwire Tokyo level cap early on and steamroll your opponents. 

However, the main way to level up is to collect spirits. We recommend grinding one of the more tedious parts of the game and increasing your spirit carrying capacity by getting more money and getting items from the stores. That way you can spend more time in the world and get more spirits to level up. A full 50 spirits capacity will grant around 14k experience, which is enough to guarantee a level even in the level 40 range.

However, getting to the Ghostwire max level cap will not guarantee your strength. You will need to spend time finding Jizo Statues and Tanukis. Tanuki’s get you some nice buffs for your food consumption and food buffs. Meanwhile, Jizo Statues are important for increasing your ammo consumption for your spells. Try to reach Ghost Wire Tokyo’s max level while also passively collecting statues and Tanukis while playing the game.

This concludes this Ghostwire Tokyo level cap article cap. For more guides, why not check our Ghostwire Tokyo hub?

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