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Ghostwire Tokyo: Little Girl Lost side mission guide

Help reunite a family of spirits with our Ghostwire Tokyo guide

Updated: Apr 4, 2022 10:11 am
Ghostwire Tokyo: Little Girl Lost side mission guide

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Akito’s spirit partner KK is one of the more brusque characters in Ghostwire Tokyo. But he has a warmer side. During the Little Girl Lost side mission, you will get to see KK open up a little bit more. This side mission is definitely worth pursuing, if only to see a softer side to our favourite paranormal detective. We’ll walk you through how to complete the Little Girl Lost side mission with our Ghostwire Tokyo guide.

Ghostwire Tokyo: Little Girl Lost walkthrough

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To begin Little Girl Lost, you need to speak to the spirit of a child who can’t find their parent. This is such a common childhood fear that it seems to even have persisted into the spirit world. The child’s spirit can be found just outside of the Morite Shrine, to the south.

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Leave the building and head in the direction of the green circle on your map. You will likely run into Visitors on the way – chiefly rain walkers – so take them out as you see fit and clear the area. Once you’ve made it to the crossing, move towards the large cylindrical building emblazoned with a 429 sign. This Shibuya landmark is the location you have been searching for.

If you use Spectral Vision, you will be able to see the outline of a small spirit in the lobby of the 429 building. This spirit is the missing girl. Unfortunately, the way into the lobby is blocked by the branches of a corrupted tree. While this normally wouldn’t be a problem for Akito and KK, the tree’s core is nowhere to be found when scanning from the front.

Thankfully, you’ve been mentored all the time by the spirit of a detective, and it’s time to do a tiny bit of detective work all your own.  Follow the branches around the building, and eventually you will find the core you are looking for. Circling around to the left of the building grants a clearer view at the lobby. The core is carefully hidden behind another outstretched branch, but keep aiming with wind spirit weaving and moving around, and eventually you will find enough of the core to aim at. Give it a quick blast, and the corruption will clear, allowing you to enter the lobby.

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Family reunited

The mother’s spirit will be overjoyed to be freed, and the child will instantly appear and hug them. This heartwarming scene is enough to send the both of them on their way to the afterlife. With a few slightly-less-gruff-than-usual words from KK, you will have completed the Little Girl Lost Side Mission and earned your rewards.

This concludes our Ghostwire Tokyo Little Girl Lost guide. If you liked this, why not check out our Ghostwire Tokyo hub for more guides?

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