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Ghostwire Tokyo: Nesting Evil side mission Guide

Break the curse holding an office building hostage with our Ghostwire Tokyo guide

Updated: Apr 4, 2022 11:02 am
Ghostwire Tokyo: Nesting Evil side mission Guide

Nesting Evil is one of the more involved side quests you are likely to encounter in Ghostwire Tokyo. The mission will first become available during chapter 3, at which point you should be ready to handle some of the game’s tougher threats. We’ll walk you through this nest of corrupted spirits with our Ghostwire Tokyo guide.

Ghostwire Tokyo: Nesting Evil walkthrough

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To begin the Nesting Evil side mission, you will need to find and speak to the spirit of a woman waiting for her boyfriend. This spirit can be found directly east of the Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate. Speaking to the spirit reveals that her boyfriend died, after working at a building where many people had committed suicide. Akito and KK decide to investigate the building and hopefully resolve the circumstances of the boyfriend’s death.

You are immediately tasked with finding the building, but this is an incredibly easy part of the mission. Simply turn away from the spirit and walk back down the street. The building you are looking for is the second on the left, and KK will point it out as soon as you get close.

There initially seems to be no entrance into the building but activating Spectral Vision will reveal a secret entrance blocked by a Nurikabe. Absorb the Yokai to receive a magatama, and then enter the building.

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Investigating the cursed offices

Once inside the building, leave the bathroom area you enter into and follow the corridors around to a reception area. A Specter here will scream about needing someone to replace them. Use a hand seal to banish the spirit and continue on through the building. Open the door behind the desk to receive a flip-phone collectible, then proceed through the other available door.

Move down another corridor – stocking up on ammo if needs be – and eventually you will come across several visitors. It can be difficult fighting in these cramped conditions, though they do set the visitors up nicely for the piercing properties of upgraded fire weaving. Dispatch the visitors and cleanse another spirit with a hand seal in the crumbling room beyond.

Ascend the stairs nearby and move down the corridor to the left, ignoring the glass doors for now. At the intersection turn left and enter the disabled bathroom to pick up the keys for the glass doors. Backtrack to the glass doors and open them, allowing you to cleanse the spirit in the room beyond. Now return to the intersection and head right. In the room beyond, jump up the rubble to find a Karakasa-kozo Netsuke collectible, which be handed in to a Nekomata in exchange for Meika and unlockables in Ghostwire Tokyo.

Jump back down from the rubble, crouch and crawl through the opening, then move through the door on the right. Dispatch the visitors in the corridors and keep moving forward. More spirits will manifest as you go, use crowd-clearing attacks like charged water or fire weaving to get through quickly. Use another hand seal on the spirit block the stairwell and proceed upwards.

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Grab the highlighted planner on the desk to learn that the woman’s boyfriend intended to meet her on the day he died, and everyone in the offices is victim to a curse that requires the find a ‘replacement’ in order to leave. Continue upwards to find the spirit that is the source of the curse. He will flee and you must pursue him through the corridors. A large amount of visitors will be summoned into a wide-open room in order to slow you down. Don’t be afraid to use your most powerful weaving and items to take them down.

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Once you have cleared this spirit gauntlet, the way will be clear once more. Ascend one final flight of stairs and into a small room, where you will be able to exorcise the source of the curse and free the trapped office workers spirits. Head out onto the roof, to see the two lovers’ spirits united once more. With this, you will have completed Ghostwire Tokyo’s Nesting Evil side mission, and receive your rewards!

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This concludes our Ghostwire Tokyo Hide and Seek guide. If you liked this, why not check out our Ghostwire Tokyo hub for more guides?

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