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Ghostwire Tokyo Okina spider boss guide

Here is a guide to the Ghostwire Tokyo Okina Spider Boss battle.

Updated: Mar 23, 2022 4:46 pm
Ghostwire Tokyo Okina spider boss guide

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Ghostwire Tokyo has a fair few boss battles for you to partake in. When you get to Chapter 5, a whole world of trouble opens up, with back-to-back boss battles. The first one in Chapter 5 is Okina, who turns into a giant Spider looking demon. Here is a guide to beating back the Ghostwire Tokyo Okina spider boss for those who are getting crushed by the beast.

A guide on beating the Ghostwire Tokyo Okina boss

Upon arriving at the base of the Tokyo Tower, you will encounter one of Hannya’s Henchmen. This one tries to stop you, by engaging in combat and bringing you to the underworld. Here, the demon reveals its true form, a giant looking spider thing.

The boss battle isn’t particularly in-depth, as players will have the tools given to them to beat the boss. However, messing up will hurt, especially for those on the harder difficulty or those who haven’t leveled up a lot before embarking into Chapter 5.

The core mechanics of the Ghostwire Tokyo Okina spider boss include three major abilities:

  • Shockwave
  • Double Shockwave
  • Swipe

The Shockwave skill emits when the boss slams its hand into the ground. It then emits a ring from the slam, which deals damage to those who don’t avoid it. Avoiding it is fairly easy, as you can do one of two things – Jump or stand on a rock. Through the arena, the cave will fall in, allowing you platforms to stand on. This makes dodging the single shockwaves really easy. However, don’t stand on the platforms for too long as the stones only fall on set places. You may get spiked, so try to change your platform to one freshly dropped.

However, throughout the fight, the boss will break the stone platforms by swiping its hands across the room. This will damage you if you don’t perform a perfect block or manage to jump over the arm from a stone platform. In addition, it will naturally destroy the stone platforms, making the ground risky once again. While the stone platforms are down, the boss can then slam the ground and send out two shockwaves within a second. These are harder to dodge and require two back-to-back perfect blocks or a perfectly timed jump.

Other than that, there are no other mechanics to pay attention to. As for actually killing the boss, you need to expose two cores, one in its mouth and the other on its chest. The boss is known for moving its body quite a bit, so try to use your ammo sparingly when the boss is not actively using a skill. If you need more ammo, it means going to the corner of the room and grabbing ether, but that exposes you to incoming shockwaves, so be careful.

With that said, you need to kill the two cores and extract them to beat the boss.

This concludes the Ghostwire Tokyo Okina spider boss battle. If you enjoyed this guide, why not check out our other Ghostwire boss guides, or check out the game hub on WePC.

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