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Ghostwire Tokyo: The Dreaming Jewel side mission guide

Cleanse a cursed gem with our Ghostwire Tokyo guide

Updated: Apr 4, 2022 12:07 pm
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As you progress through Ghostwire: Tokyo, the game’s side missions slowly begin to grow in difficulty. More challenging visitors await you around every corner, ready to test the extent of your spirit weaving mastery. But thankfully, Ghostwire Tokyo still includes some easier and shorter side missions. These allow you to gain XP and Meika without committing a large chunk of your time to the task. The Dreaming Jewel is one such shorter side mission. We’ll walk you through how to complete the mission and gain your rewards with our Ghostwire Tokyo guide.

Ghostwire Tokyo: The Dreaming Jewel walkthrough

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To begin The Dreaming Jewel, you must speak with a spirit sat outside the storefront of a second-hand shop, to the northwest of Kirigaoka Shrine. This side mission can only be accessed towards the tail-end of chapter 3, once the Kirigaoka Torii gates have been cleansed. Speaking to the spirit, you will learn that a cursed diamond came into their possession. They sold the diamond without realising its nature, and the customer that bought it died on their way home. The diamond is at the customer’s grave site, and the shop owner feels too guilty to pass on, worried that the diamond may curse others. Akito and KK resolve to head to the cemetery and find the diamond.

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The cemetery is a way away from the spirit of the shop owner, so be ready to sprint through the streets and potentially come up against some visitors as you go. Follow the green marker on your map, and soon enough you will come to the cemetery. Once you arrive, the diamond’s cursed nature can no longer be in doubt. The cemetery will be swarming with visitors. There are a number of wanderers – which can be taken out in just a few wind weaving shots – but also tankier and deadlier shine dancers, one of Ghostwire Tokyo’s most fearsome foes. Take care to avoid or block the shine dancers’ projectiles as you whittle down the visitors.

A Shining Diamond

Once the visitors have been defeated, you must now find the cursed diamond in the cemetery. Thankfully, this can be done even without using Spectral Vision. Simply head to the gravestone surrounded by a large flock of crows. The diamond will be resting atop the grave. Cleanse the jewel with a hand seal and you’ll be all set.

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When you go to pick up the diamond, the spirit of its owner will appear and tell you that they are capable of speaking to jewels. Hand it over to them for safe-keeping and they will depart for the afterlife, leaving a bunch of spirits around to be absorbed into katashiro. With that, you will have completed Ghostwire Tokyo’s The Dreaming Jewel side mission.

This concludes our Ghostwire Tokyo The Dreaming Jewel guide. If you liked this, why not check out our Ghostwire Tokyo hub for more guides?

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