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Ghostwire Tokyo: The Hoarder’s House side mission guide

We'll help you make a clean sweep of this early side mission with our Ghostwire Tokyo guide

Updated: Apr 4, 2022 10:10 am
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One of Ghostwire Tokyo’s earliest side missions is easily one of its most memorable. A Hoarder’s house blends the mundane and the supernatural – as Ghostwire Tokyo tends to excel at – but adds an extra layer of uncomfortable realism in the environment you must navigate. We’ll walk you through how to get through The Hoarder’s House with our Ghostwire Tokyo side mission guide.

Ghostwire Tokyo: The Hoarder’s House walktrhough

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To begin The Hoarder’s house, speak with a spirit very close to the Shiroyama Shrine, slightly to the northeast. Here you will find out about ‘a black hole in a house nearby that’s swallowing up everything.’ KK decides this needs investigating, and gently pushes Akito along to do so.

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Walk down the alley to the right and speak to the spirit of a man sat atop a car. This spirit will mention that a hoarder lived in a house nearby and would frequently steal belongings from neighbours. Moving closer to the hoarder’s house, you will see a number of spirits drifting around in the air. As you approach, a black hole – similar to the one that drags you into the Hyakki Yako dimension – appears and draws all the spirits in. Though this is an intimidating sight to behold, you must press on and enter the house. But before you do so, you must deal with the wave of spirits that arrives. Once the spirits are dealt with, you are free to enter the house.

Cleaning up inside the Hoarder’s House

Once you have stepped over the veritable carpet of trash and made you way into the house, you must find the source of the haunting. Move forward down the hallway and through the sliding doors. Items in the room beyond will begin to flicker and distort, as the spirit is toying with you. KK will tell Akito to use Hand Seals to draw the spirit out. The Seals help exorcise malevolent spirits in Ghostwire Tokyo. Successfully perform one – or just leave it to KK – and the spirit will manifest. It will begin to flee and hide in different objects around the house. It’s your just to track it down and exorcise it.

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First, head over to the fridge. Perform a hand seal here and the spirit will once again flee, out into the entrance hall. Open the door to the bathroom and perform a hand seal on the bathroom mirror.  KK will then inform you that he thinks the spirit has gone upstairs.

Proceed up the stairs, over a slope thick with junk, and into the door on the left. Turn left once entering and grab a model frilled lizard from the cupboard, before turning right standing before another set of sliding doors. These doors are the final possessed object. Once a hand seal is used, proceed forward into the bedroom and use Spectral Vision to see the spirit of the hoarder at last. He will pull you through into another dimension where you will have to contend with waves of visitors.

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Once the visitors are dispatched, perform one final hand seal on the hoarder spirit and cleanse this haunted house for good! With the house clean again – spiritually at least – head outside to absorb a large number of spirits. Speak to the spirit atop the car, and you will have successfully completed The Hoarder’s House Side Mission in Ghostwire Tokyo.

This concludes our Ghostwire Tokyo The Hoarder’s House guide. If you liked this, why not check out our Ghostwire Tokyo hub for more guides?

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