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Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough: A companion to the main story

Here is a walkthrough of the Ghostwire Tokyo main storyline.

Updated: Mar 24, 2022 4:43 pm
Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough: A companion to the main story

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Ghosttwire Tokyo is the latest game from Tango Softworks, taking Japanese folklore and allowing players to explore it in an action-adventure RPG. For those braving the light-hearted horrors of Tokyo, we have built a walkthrough for Ghostwire Tokyo, focusing on the main story and how you progress through the game. 

For the most part, Ghostwire Tokyo is fairly straightforward. Most quests point you in the right direction, but, there are some quests that are a slight pain to get to. You’ll also need to unlock Torii gates in your own time to unlock the next phases of the main story and for your own completionist or build interests.

Ghostwire Tokyo Walkthrough

The Ghostwire Tokyo main story quest is split into six different chapters. The vast majority of the games plates in the first four chapters. The first chapter is mainly an introduction to the game, setting the stage for things to come and is fairly linear. Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 is the bulk of the game, featuring a variety of missions that take you around the city, encountering a variety of missions and more. From Chapter 5 onwards, the game features the ending, with Chapter 6 being the final boss and conclusion to the game.

Feel free to use the subheading menu on the left side of the article to navigate the section you are on. That way you can avoid scrolling through spoilers or other bits you don’t necessarily need to read through.

Chapter 1

Ghostwire Tokyo Chapter 1 Walkthrough
You crash your bike in the famous Tokyo crossing. Image via Tango.

The first chapter of the game starts off with your character Akito, who has fallen off his bike Shibuya Crossing. While downed, KK, a wraith, possesses him. Bystanders try to help Akito, but they run because of the wraith on his face. Then, the fog rolls in, taking their souls in. Here you learn about the game and what is happening at this stage. You then have to go and rescue your sister following a cutscene.

Follow KK’s instructions and follow his lead. This area of the game is very linear, offering very little room for exploitation. While you’re walking along the linear path, you can find a variety of documentation, allowing you to get more background knowledge on the city and the game’s setting.

When you arrive at the hospital, you will get a tutorial on a variety of features of the game. You can learn about stealth, takedowns and other aspects of the game. Also feel free to explore the hospital a bit more as there are a variety of documents scattered around the place, such as on corridor floors, on the floor above in the upstairs reception and desk area, along with the side rooms. Eventually, you’ll reach the room your sister is in, and then you meet the main baddie of the game.

Chapter 2

You awake to find you are still alive, forcing you to accept KK’s possession to ensure you both can complete your goals. You then get the Quest KK.


You need to head over to a region called Yugenzaka, where you will learn about the Torii Gate system. These gates are how you clear the fog around certain areas, allowing you to progress through the map. You can also learn about harnessing spirits, the feature of the game which you rely on to level up effectively and for complete areas of the map. Eventually, you will head to KK’s apartment and complete the quest.

Clearing the fog

A barrier forms around the building you are in, head outside and climb each floor suing the apartment blocks outside stairs and enter the different rooms on each floor. Follow the room and find the item you need to remove in each room before the barrier breaks. Follow the quest tips and the linear path to get to the destination. You will also get a brief bow tutorial while on this quest to get to some of the destination items.

A Maze of Death

Use your spirit sense to track where this questionable spirit was stood outside the apartment. Pay attention to its hologram walking while using spirit sense as it will lead you to the location. Getting distracted on follow quests make it harder to pick up on the sense so ignore anything you come across and make a mental note so you can come back later. The spirit leads you to a shrine called Shiroyami Shrine. Follow the instructions to the area to complete the objectives.

Ghostwire Tokyo Walkthrough Chapter 2 1
Look for these stairs to ascend the building you need to climb for the quest.

You can then head to an observation deck and check the city out and try to spot the ghost you saw at the apartment in the previous quest. To climb the building, you should look for the lit-up stairs near the Yashin Redevelopment Area and climb that. You should then look for a door with the sign ‘Kagerie’ above it. Go in there, find the elevator and press floor 8. You should then climb further up the floors following the escalators and then move onward to the shrine. This is arguably one of the more frustrating parts of the entire ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough to deal with.

After claiming the shrine, there should also be a tourist observation binoculars you can use to track the ghost. It should be at the crossing you can watch walk into the subway. There are quite a few collectables around the shrine along with some near the observation decks and numerous outdoor parts of the building.  If you’re interested in these go ahead. After that, it’s time to head to the Shibuya underground.

Buried Life

Track the ghost and follow it through the underground using spectral vision. The ghost will lead you to the destination. You will then find the baddie, and get a big story cutscene. After the cutscene, you will get a boss battle.

You will then continue on the boss’s trail, and have KK’s soul ripped from you. You need to learn to sneak around to avoid conflict, especially if you’re on hard mode. Don’t be afraid to use your bow and arrow to pick off alone targets to ensure you can continue sneaking through. If you do get caught, make a b-line for the exit and shut the doors behind you as the ghosts cannot open the doors.

The Caves of Steel

You make your way back to KK’s apartment and find another ghost in the room. She reveals herself to be an ally of KK’s, She then tells you to learn how to find KK, follow the trail and then rescue KK. Defeat all the enemies and get united with KK and get his powers back.

Chapter 3

After reuniting with KK, you then unlock Chapter 3. You hen investigate more about KK’s friend appearance and working together. The first point of call is the Pillar of Light Quest

Pillar of Light

Ghostwire Tokyo Chapter 3 walkthrough
Time to see more of the city and meet new allies.

After uniting and investigating the newfound ally, you then hear another of KK’s friends Rinko is in trouble. You first head towards the Pillar of Light and search the area. Follow the mission objectives, which will then eventually inform you of the Sengoku Center Building. You then search the area using Spirit vision and follow the leads. You then find the location of Rinko, and then make your way to her location. Eventually, you have to protect her while she performs her task, fighting waves of enemies as it happens. Stock up on food and ammo before going in and try to harass the enemies with your green powers.


You then have to find the location of where Hannya has gone. It is a series of track and locate quests, requiring you to find items using a variety of markers on the map and using clues and tips around the area.

Naturally, you’ll head over to a Japanese suburb and try to clear Torri gates in the area. Eventually, you’ll come across a payphone and payphone card. There are several payphone cards, and a cat in the area hints towards a laundrette as a source. At least that is how we stumbled upon one anyway. Use the phone and the card and you get sent to find a locker near Jizo street. You then head over to a locker and retrieve an item. It is a cat charm related to your friend. Follow the instructions with more travelling and following Rinko. Speak to Ed at a Payphone once all the checks are done.

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Pillar of Light x2

Pillar of Light is the final quest of this chapter. You now have everything you need to head to the Pillar of Light. Find your way into the shrine and go deeper into the ceremony room and try to interrupt it. You then make your way in there and have a boss battle with one of Hannya’s henchmen, Ko-omote.

The boss battle shows the demon that possesses Ko-omote, a giant beast. To beat the beast, you need to use stealth and hide. Try using your distract talismans to make it easier to sneak up to the back of the beast and attack the monster’s core. Do this two times and you’re done. There is also a room in the middle that you can hide in along with signs and other obstacles. Note, if you hide in the middle and she knows you went there she will breathe fog into the room and damage you. She also follows a circular path. Study her path and you know what angles to hide at ready to pounce the beast’s core.

Ghostwire Tokyo Ko omote boss
The boss in question and the hidey holes you can use to avoid her.

Chapter 4

You beat the boss, but it appears the ritual was a success for Hannya. Now there are giant demons walking around, all converging at Tokyo Tower. You now need a way to figure out how to get through the fog towards Tokyo Tower.


This mission requires you to clear out plenty of Torii gates around the far east side of the city. Explore and do the Torii gates at your own pace and whatever order you see you can. Be sure to find the Jizo Shrines so you can empower your skills as you will start coming across even harder monsters in this chapter.

Eventually, you will find you can head over to a Garage per the story’s main mission marker on the map. Make your way inside and enter. Upon your arrival, there is a car park at the bottom, and the lights go out. As the lights go out plenty of monsters spawn, so you need to avoid contact and turn the lights back on before going any further. Follow the ping on your map to turn the lights on. 

After the ensuing battle, continue down until you find a room with a bike. It turns out the bike doesn’t work and you need to repair it. In that very room, there are plenty of collectables and KK notes for you to pick up, and there is one at the exit of the garage on a bench too.

The Black Tower

Now you need to find out how to fix the bike and get through the fog. Head over to the Mitake Real Estate Building and use the binoculars to scout the area for the missing ingredients. You want to look along the side of the motorway and look for a designer car. You then want to scout out blue colored Torri gates on top of buildings. You will then get a few mission objectives to retrieve items to repair the bike. 

The blue Torri gates are different to the usual Torri gates you encounter in Tokyo. These lead you to the underworld. You have to fight a lot of corruption while contending a variety of enemies within the gates themselves. These underworld spaces are filled with Lamentations and Kuchisakes in tight spaces. So it is best to be prepared to take down these elite monsters.

Ghostwire Tokyo Chapter 4 gates
Time to venture into the underworld.

We advise stocking up on talismans to make it easier to contend the elite baddies. Also, grab JIzo Shrines and get stronger as you may need it. We advise combing your stun talisman with the downed takedown skill so you can easily one-shot the Lamentations. 

As for the car, it is simply head over to the car and interact with. You will get a call that tells you to head to the subway and visit a supercar to collect the right part. Expect some character development here. When you get to the supercar in the subway, there are some hidden documents next to a pile of clothes.

When you have all the parts, you can then return to the garage and fix the bike. Fixing the bike then sends you through the fog and into the final linear parts of the story. Finish off collecting skill points, Jiro Shrines, and get your ethereal upgrades before venturing forth. Also, stock up on food items and ether food the best you can. Visit Offering Boxes and wish for health if you have to.

Before heading off on the bike, the game recommends you do certain side quests as they are essentially side plots to the main story involving KK’s allies. We highly recommend you do these quests because they are really important for understanding the later chapter story plots. You need to clear out the top left of the map and the shrines to get to them, which can take something like an hour to do properly.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 starts with you heading through the fog in a cutscene. You make your way to the Tokyo Tower. Outside the tower, you can find a few collectables around the garden area before entering the tower itself. When you get inside there is quite a lot of narrative development.

Before getting into the tower, you will need to fight one of Hannya’s Henchmen, Okina. It turns out this body is possessed by the soul of a demon spider called a Tsuchigumo. The boss has several attack patterns you need to watch for. 

Ghostwire Tokyo Okina Boss 1
Jump on rocks like this one to avoid the shockwaves from its strikes.

The boss will crash its hands into the ground and send shockwaves at you. Ideally, you can stand on rocks to avoid them or jump over them if you time it right. In some instances, the boss will swipe its hand across the battlefield and destroy the rocks. You can use your perfect block to avoid damage against her arms. With the rocks destroyed, she will then send two shockwaves from her slams, so you need to time your jumps well, so you have to dodge two rings making it even harder to dodge. Other than that, harass her weak point with green and red spells and you should claim victory. If you need more ammo then there should be items to destroy at the side of the boss arena.  

Once the boss is dead, you can then head into the tower and have key character development moments. You then head to the top of the tower and speak to Hannya about plot-related topics.

After the conversation, you then have to fight KK’s body once again. Here, the true demon Hannya placed inside it comes to life, a minotaur looking boss called a Sojutsuki in the Yaseotoko boss fight. This boss tries to mimic your skills, blending a mixture of green, red and blue spells along with an energy shield just like your block skill. This is a rock paper scissors fight. If it uses blue and closes in try to use your expose talisman to easily set up your following moves and try to perform a perfect block. If it uses red, try to close in with blue and pressure it, along with using your green skills intermittently. When it uses its shield, move closer and melee to break its shield and then harass with your blue spells.

Chapter 6 – The final part of the Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough

Ghostwire Tokyo Antagonist
It is time to confront the big bad of the story.

With the Chapter 5 bosses down, you then jump on board the giant demon thing and start tripping out. The section is quite linear and is fairly deep in terms of the plot and themes in the story and real life. Once you get through the narrative, it is time to fight Hannya and save the world.

The last boss fight is quite interesting, as the boss is essentially a collection of all of its henchmen. The boss runs around in an amalgamated beast, like the first beast boss you thought of in Chapter 3. You then have to avoid the slams that you experienced with the spider boss. Repeat the tactics you used to defeat those bosses and harass the boss’ weak points. You have to chip away at each mask before triggering a new phase. There’s also trash you need to fight so make sure you have Exposure Talismans to make those trash packs.

Once you beat the boss you have completed the main game, congratulations. Upon completing the game you can go back to your save before you got on the bike at the end of Chapter 4. You can then go back and complete any side quests you want to do, along with finishing up with your collectables.

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