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Ghostwire Tokyo Yaseotoko boss guide

We guide you through the Ghostwire Tokyo Yaseotoko boss fight with a few tips and tricks.

Updated: Mar 23, 2022 5:23 pm
Ghostwire Tokyo Yaseotoko boss

The fifth chapter of the Ghostwire Tokyo main story is all about action, forcing you to face off against two big bosses along with awesome major plot progression. After beating the first boss of the chapter, the spider boss, you then make your way to the Tokyo Tower and advance the plot. You then get to fight the Ghostwire Tokyo Yaseotoko boss battle before proceeding to Chapter 6. For those who want some tips on taking the boss down, here is a guide to the fight.

Ghostwire Tokyo Yaseotoko boss guide

The Ghostwire Tokyo Yaseotoko boss fight is what we think is a bit of a rock paper scissors fight. This boss uses the same powers as Akito and KK, blending a mixture of ether powers, including the green, red, and blue spells we possess and a perfect block shield.

The best way to counter this boss is by countering the spell it uses. If it is using red, you need to close the gap using perfect block to mitigate the damage, and attack with blue to force it to switch to blue. Then you want to use green if it switches to blue. If it uses perfect block, you want to hit it with your melee strike to break the shield, which allows you to hit your fire spells ideally on it for the big damage burst window.

In the event the Yaseotoko switches to blue, you want to kite the boss and switch to green and start harassing it, maybe even staggering it with a charged-up wind attack. If the boss moves to green, feel free to use red or blue spells and try to beat the boss at its own game.

It is also worth mentioning that direct hits with your red spells have a chance to stagger the boss, opening it up for more attacks easily. Other than that, this is one of the easiest fights to beat, especially if you are on one of the weaker difficulties, or have gained a lot of levels and have plenty of HP at your disposal.

The above example of a mixture of countering the boss’ skills with melee and fire spells.

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