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Ghostwire Tokyo: Zashiki-warashi side mission guide

Help a trapped household spirit with our Ghostwire Tokyo guide

Updated: Mar 26, 2022 9:12 am
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Most of your time in Ghostwire: Tokyo will be spent exorcising malevolent spirits. But occasionally you’ll get the chance to help out some benevolent ones instead. Unlike the Deep Cleaning side mission, Zashiki-warashi will not throw you into a sprit-cleansing gauntlet. Instead, you get to help out a household spirit and be rewarded handsomely for your time. We’ll walk you through how to complete the Zashiki-warashi Side Mission with our Ghostwire Tokyo Side Mission guide.

Ghostwire Tokyo: Zashiki-warashi walkthrough

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To begin the Zashiki-warashi Side Mission, head directly south from the Namita Shrine. You will soon find the spirit of an old woman outside of a house., bound to her spot because she can’t bear to leave her missing household spirit behind. The spirit tells you that she is sure her landlord kidnapped the Zashiki-warashi in order to claim the good luck it bestows. She then gives you Shio Senbei crackers and asks you to place them on a dish inside the house to lure out the Zashiki-warashi.

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Thanks to The Vanishing, there’s nobody to stop you from rifling through the landlord’s belongings, so feel free to pick up some consumables and files for your trouble. You will also find a lockbox inside the living room cupboard, with a key required to open it. Move down the corridor to the right and find a note written by the landlord at the end on a dresser. He mentions that he left the key for his lockbox inside the Buddhist altar in his bedroom.

Return to the entrance and take the first door on the left to find the landlord’s bedroom.  The Buddhist statue will be conspicuously absent, and KK will tell you to use Spectral Vision to locate it. Do so and the altar will appear right away, with the key inside.

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Return to the lockbox now and use the key to open it. Inside will be a floor plan for the house, indicating a hidden room. Return to the entrance and head down the corridor on the right, entering the sliding doors. Turn to face the south wall in the room beyond and use Spectral Vision once more. The hidden room will become visible.

Landlord issues

Once in the hidden room, the greedy Landlord’s Specter will manifest. Seal him away, and then place the shio senbei in the blue dish provided. The Zashiki-warashi will appear, and you can return to the old woman outside. With her household spirit safe, she will feel free to pass on.

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After the old woman departs, choose to receive power from the Zashiki-warashi to complete your mission! You will not only receive Meika and XP, but also a Magatama. These are extremely important items in Ghostwire Tokyo, allowing you to unlock powerful skills on your skill tree.

This concludes the Ghostwire Tokyo Zashiki-warashi Side Mission guide. If you liked this, why not check out our Ghostwire Tokyo hub for more guides?

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