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Is GTA 6 In Production?

Is GTA 6 really in production?

Updated: Sep 26, 2022 12:21 pm
GTA 6 Mock Up key Art

There has been more than speculation of a GTA 6 in production by Rockstar Games.

From the accidental leaks to the announcements from Rockstar, there is no doubt this question has been answered.

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Below we have put together some frequently asked questions about GTA 6 being in production and what details we know so far. 

Is GTA 6 in Production Already?

Yes, it was announced by Rockstar in February of 2022 that GTA 6 is in production with an unknown release date. This information came through a community update blog post for GTA 5, revealing the production was underway, though Rockstar has revealed little else.

Overall, yes, Rockstar is making GTA 6, but the release date is still an unknown quantity. GTA fans are excited about the production announcement of GTA 6, hoping that the information means the release is coming sooner rather than later. 

Release Date for GTA 6

We estimated the time for the release to be between 2024-2025, although Rockstar hasn’t confirmed this. Typically, developers announce a game in development a year or two years before release to give the players an expectation that a new game will be out soon. 

When it comes to Grand Theft Auto fans, this has been a long-awaited release since GTA 5 in 2013. Even the employees of Rockstar do not know precisely when they will release the game, as spoken in a Bloomsberg report by Jason Schreier, who interviewed Rockstar. 

“Industry Analysts anticipate that the next Grand Theft Auto will be out sometime in Take-Two’s 2024 fiscal year, which runs from April 2023 through March 2024.”

Even though there are no definitive answers to this question, Tom Henderson reveals some early-access leaks which help us better understand when maybe the release could happen. Other rumors include the new GTA 6 map layout and locations and more predictions for gameplay. 

GTA 6 Release Date Nearly Delayed

GTA 6 Leak Rockstar Statement
Source: Rockstar Games Twitter

There’s a chance that Rockstar could have pushed back the release date of GTA 6. In September 2022, there was a massive leak of an early game build. A hacker found footage of the earlier version of the game and shared it online, prompting a response from Rockstar.

That said, we believe that Rockstar won’t delay the game. The parent company, Take-Two Interactive, released their planned marketing strategy for 2023-2024 to be around 89,000,000 dollars in advertisements. This money splurge is similar to ones from recently released games like RDR2.

Nobody has disclosed any news despite this marketing spike. This is most likely because most developers do not predict release date’s in case of fallbacks in development, so making any kind of promise right now would affect the developer’s reputation. 

GTA 6 In Production FAQs

Is GTA 6 In Production?

Yes, it was announced by Rockstar in February of 2022 that GTA 6 is in production with an unknown release date. This information has been given through a GTA 6 trailer released by Rockstar, along with the developer verbally expressing it.

Do we have Official Information on GTA 6?

Most of the information that we have comes from leakers, rather than Rockstar Games themselves.

That said, the announcement was official, not another leak, so we know for sure they’re really working on the game.

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