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Halo Infinite Bassus boss battle guide – Legendary Mode

Bassus likes to bash us with his hammer

Updated: Dec 10, 2021 6:23 pm
Halo Infinite Bassus boss battle guide – Legendary Mode

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With his mighty hammer, persistence, and potential for an instant kill, Bassus needs to be taken care of as fast as you can in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Bassus3

You’ll fight him after you’ve fought your way to turn off the laser at the dig site, where he surprises Chief mid-plan disruption. The issue I had with this fight, in particular, is that it lumps you in a tiny space and Bassus will literally charge at you the moment he can.

What I found was to kite him into the room behind you, thus forcing him into a larger arena. On the off chance, the game starts you from that position with a checkpoint, you’ll be able to get your bearings much faster.

Halo Infinite Bassus

As with every enemy like this, you should come prepared with a plasma or ‘shock’ weapon. This way you’ll be able to tear his shields down quite fast, while using the Skewer that is handily laid out for you in the balcony leading into the room you should kite him around.

Now, he will lose track of you quite easily but don’t take this for granted, as I found that as soon as he caught even the slightest wind of me I was in for another death. Most of these Halo Infinite bosses appear to be ‘stay away, plasma, then gun’. It’s a tried and true tactic, the only difference here is that Bassus will clock you one and you will die.

Halo Infinite Bassus2

My recommended loadout for this, if you can procure it, is to bring an assault rifle and Plasma Carbine. Rip and tear and hope you can grab the Skewer to deal massive damage. Also, Dynamo Grenades will halt him in his tracks.

Good luck!

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