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How to fix Halo Infinite challenges not working

Here’s a few things you can try to prevent challenges from not tracking properly

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:11 pm
halo infinite challenges not working

There are always teething problems with new game releases, and Halo Infinite is no different, with a number of issues occurring in the days since its release.

Since the surprise launch of Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer, gamers have noticed some issues with certain challenges not tracking, meaning you do not receive the XP or other rewards you should have collected. Unfortunately, there is no way to get it back and you will have to try the challenge again, but there are some things you can try first to prevent it happening again.

Halo Infinite challenges not working

Halo Infinite error

The issue is that, when trying to earn rewards for some of the weekly challenges in Halo Infinite, it is not tracking properly, thus the game doesn’t pick up that you’ve completed the challenge. As a result, you will not gain rewards, such as XP, that you should have earned, and will have to complete the challenge again.

Understandably, this error is infuriating many players, as challenges are usually just that, challenging. You don’t really want to have to complete them more than once. While there is no proper fix for this at the moment – and no way to earn back the rewards you should have received – there are a few things you can do to try and prevent it happening when you try again.

How to fix Infinite challenges bug

Again, while there is no real fix yet, these are just a few things you can try to fix the problem. We are not saying these will definitely work, but as the issue is not a permanent problem for all players, sometimes these small fixes can force things back as they should be.

Let us know in the comments how you got on and if any of these resolutions worked for you.

Close and reopen Halo Infinite

This one always comes up, but that’s because it actually does work sometimes. Turn it off and on again. If you haven’t tried this already, that is. To be more specific, fully close down Halo Infinite on whichever platform you are playing on. We recommend double checking it is definitely closed before reopening again, as well. Hopefully, once you restart the game and succeed in your challenge again, you’ll rightly reap your rewards.

Check your internet connection

Of course this is another classic, but another important one. The issue may have something to do with Halo Infinite having a weak connection to the servers, and is therefore not able to track your actions correctly. Give your network connection a quick test, or unplug your router and give it a few moments before plugging it back in again. Also, though it’s not suitable for everyone, it could help to try a wired connection if possible, if you’re currently using WiFi..

Restart your PC/console

This is essentially just turn it off and on again, but the whole PC or console this time, rather than just the game. Especially if you are one of those PC users who doesn’t do this very often. Go on, let your PC have a quick nap.

Jump into a different squad

Finally, there is an actual in-game fix that might solve the problem. If you are playing with friends when you complete the challenge, it might be worth jumping into another, random squad, or even a solo queue, and give it another go. You might find that this change forces the game to track your challenges more accurately.

Other Halo Infinite known issues and bugs

There is a list of known issues on the Halo website. If you are having any issues other than the one above, check the list to see if it has already been reported, and submit a ticket if it seems to be a new issue. Also, we have looked into fixes if you are experiencing some of the known issues, such as the DirectX 12 error.

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