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Halo Infinite change difficulty: How to change the campaign difficulty settings

Are you turning it up to 11, chief?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021 3:25 pm
Halo Infinite change difficulty: How to change the campaign difficulty settings

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The Halo Infinite campaign has launched and the first option you have is the game’s difficulty. When you go to make a save, you are presented with four options for difficulty. Moreso, if you want to use skulls, you can apply them to the menu too. You can completely modify the way the game plays, making it easier or harder through a variety of skulls. Moreso, the regular preset difficulties (which is how you get achievements by the way) are:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Heroic
  • Legendary 

However, many players are finding that the Halo Infinite campaign is too easy or too hard. If you find yourself in that boat, there are ways to change the Halo Infinite difficulty. 

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How to change Halo Infinite campaign difficulty

If you want to change your Halo Infinite campaign difficulty, then you need to do the following. The main wait is to go to the main menu, and select the save, and then you can modify the game’s difficulty. However, changing the difficulty of the game means that you lose the credibility of your difficulty. If you want to complete the achievements for playing the campaign, you’ll need to keep on the same difficulty for the entire playthrough. 

Moreso, you can change the difficulty by adding in extra skulls. Skulls are a form of collectible you can find all over the campaign map.  One example is the BOOM skill, which increases the size of the explosion radius by 50%. This is something that is arguably going to work in your favour for the most part. However, those suicide bobbing grunts are also deadlier than ever.

Now you know how to do perform the Halo Infinite change difficulty manoeuvre, are you really willing to do it? If you don’t care about achievements just yet, then go ahead and freely change your Halo Infinite difficulty at your leisure.

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