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Halo Infinite Outpost Tremonius collectibles and locations

Here is are the Halo Infinite Outpost Tremonius collectables and locations

Updated: Dec 9, 2021 11:42 am
Halo Infinite Outpost Tremonius collectibles and locations

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Halo Infinite is now out, and many players are looking to progress through the game’s campaign. Once when you get stuck in there and get on board Zeta Halo, you will find plenty of outposts, missions and other side quest areas. Each of these areas has plenty of collectibles, ranging from audio logs, skulls, and other secrets. 

One of the first areas you come across in Zeta Halo is Halo Infinite’s Outpost Tremonius, which is the first area you and at. Below, you’ll find all the Halo Infinite Outpost Tremonius collectibles and locations for this area. We’ll even throw in an easter egg we found while playing the game.

Halo Infinite Outpost Tremonius collectibles

Before we go any further, all the audio logs, both Banished and UNSC, make noises when you get closer to them. If you’re out hunting yourself, you’ll be pleased to know these noises help make it easier to track.

The only audio log is next to some Banished cargo pods and containers. You will find it on the ground floor, below the main landing pad that you need to take over to get the Pelican to land.

If you want the Mjolnir locker, you will need to make your way to the landing pad. The Mjolnir locker is next to the landing pad lighting tripod. It’s pretty much where the earth meets the landing pad. If you need an extra visual aid, then we recommend finding the hole in the wall and looking at the landing pad from that hole. You’ll see the lightning tripod on the right of the breach

Halo Infinite Outpost Tremonius Spartan Cores

Halo Infinite outpost tremonius collectibles Spartan core
It’s all about that BOOM.

The first Spartan Armor is almost right in front of you. As you go through the game’s story, you will pretty much come across one slightly to the right of exiting Foundry.

There is a cliff face facing one of the UNSC barrack buildings. The second spartan armor core is facing against the cliff’s face, outside the building. You’ll know you’re there when you find an armoury shed even closer to the cliff’s edge. Next to the shed is also a Spartan Armor; You can also find a SPNKR in that armory shed too.

The final spartan armor is actually away from the action. When you leave the building that takes you from Foundry to Tenebrious’ camp there is a wilderness path on the right. Follow the road up to some rubble and the next Spartan core will be there. Some alien mole creatures guide you to it if you end up startling them (or not blowing them up with the SPNKR).

Easter egg time – if you go even further up the first path from the third spartan armor, you will come across a building up against a cave. Inside is an invisible elite, and grunts spawn in behind you. The invisible elite also carries an energy sword on him, which you can claim from its corpse. Said elite also guards a Heatwave if you fancy taking that, though it’s rather impractical considering the Halo map design.

This concludes our Halo Infinite Outpost Tremonius collectibles guide. We hope you found the locations with ease and your kitted your Mjolnir out.

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