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Halo Infinite first skull: What is the first skull and how to get it?

Here is how to get Halo Infinite's first skull.

Updated: Dec 9, 2021 4:03 pm
Halo Infinite first skull: What is the first skull and how to get it?

Halo’s very popular skull feature is back. With Halo Infinite’s campaign launch, players are back on the hunt for the Halo infinite skulls, unlocking new modifiers to edit their game in various silly ways. When you get into the campaign, you should be aware that the Halo Infinite first skull is very much in the very first mission, hidden very well.

Below, we will guide you through where you can find the Halo Infinite first skull, along with going into detail on what the skull does. Ready up, Spartan, here we go.

What is the Halo Infinite first skull?

Halo Infinite first skull is the BOOM skull. It allows players to modify their campaign gameplay, to add greeted explosion radiuses of the game. This is certainly a must-have skull if you want to make things blow up. The reason why is because it enhances the explosion radius of explosives by 50%. It is great for chucking explosive coils at the enemies, including the plasma grenade, frag grenades, the SPNKR and other explosive goodies up the Chief’s arsenal.

Do be warned, though. The Boom skull is just as dangerous to the Chief. The suicide grunts will have a greater time hunting you down, along with the shiny blueberries you can expect thrown your way.

Halo Infinite first skull mission

To get the Halo Infinite first skull, you need to play the Warship Gbraakon mission. I ti si the first mission in the Halo Infinite campaign. Be aware that you cannot go back when you complete the first mission. If you issued out on your first save, you’ll need to start a new save and try again.

Halo Infinite first skull location

If you like the idea of the first Halo Infinite skull, you can find it in the game. It is very much in the first campaign level on the spaceship, the Gbraakon. When you make your way through the level, you’ll come across a room that has cargo pods on an automatic line, going up the walls.

To find the Halo Infinite first skull location, you’ll need to use these cargo pods as a taxi. Alternatively, you can slide through the gap using the grapple. We have attached an image using the sensor where you need to look to find it.

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