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How to unlock Yoroi Samurai armor – Halo Infinite Tenrai event

Here's how to unlock the baddest looking armor in Halo Infinite

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:15 pm
How to unlock Yoroi Samurai armor – Halo Infinite Tenrai event

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One of the big questions we’ve received since the arrival of Halo infinite has been; how do I unlock the Yoroi Samurai armor? That’s right, we’ve all seen it, sitting there in the Hall of Armor taunting us with its cool aesthetic while seemingly unusable. Fortunately, we have all answers for unlocking the Yoroi Samurai armor and it doesn’t require all that much work.

The unique-looking armor is certainly eyecatching and looks set to be the most popular option in players’ Hall of Armor. However, unlocking it is still a mystery to many – with leveling up the game’s Battle Pass having no effect on its usage.

Alternatively, you’ll need to complete the Fractures: Tenrai event – available to all Halo Infinite players and taking place on the week of November 22nd.

how to unlock yoroi samurai armor

Unlocking Yoroi Samurai armor in Fractures: Tenrai Event

The Fractures: Tenrai even is the first major Halo Infinite multiplayer event that will start on November 23rd – ending just one week later. Once the event begins, players will be able to unlock event-exclusive cosmetic rewards – by completing challenges – that, you guessed it, includes the coveted Yoroi Samurai armor.

Fear not though folks, 343 have already announced that you will indeed have more than just the first event week to earn the Yoroi armor – suggesting that you’ll be able to unlock the armor in other ways once the event has completed.

Fractures: Tenrai will be a free-to-play event that looks set to be in keeping with the game’s new multiplayer movement. When playing in the Fractures: Tenrai event, you’ll have additional challenges to complete that are available in the ‘Challenge’ menu. Completing said challenges will see players make progress in both the event pass and Season 1 battle pass.

According to a Halo marketing lead ‘Noah Benesch’, the challenges will be marked in the menu with different colors for easy reading.

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