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Halo Infinite no internet: How to fix the error code

Here are ways to fix the Halo Infinite no internet error code.

Updated: Dec 2, 2021 11:12 am
Halo Infinite no internet: How to fix the error code

When Halo Infinite surprised launched, many gaming fans around the world stopped what they were doing and decided to give the Spartan universe another go. Especially us over on the PC did, as most of us haven’t played a Halo properly since Halo 3 when we were all console kiddies. While the launch has been largely grand and well polished, it does have a few issues.

One of the issues that many players are experiencing on Halo Infinite is the no internet error. Players are rather livid they cannot connect to the online game. If you’re one of these reading this error, then we will go through and explain all there is to know on the Halo Infinite no internet error code.

What is the Halo Infinite no internet error code?

 If you’re experiencing the Halo Infinite error code, then chances are one of several things are happening:

  1. You do not have an internet connection
  2. There is a connection issue somewhere along the line of your internet and the Halo Infinite servers not handshaking correctly.
  3. Halo Infinite is down

When you get this Halo Infinite no internet error code, it means you have lost connection to the servers. That might be while you’re playing an actual multiplayer lobby or just trying to log in. It seems to happen randomly, and everyone is vulnerable to a brief bit of connection loss from time to time.

If you’re going to fix the issue, you’ll need to diagnose your problem first. The obvious one is, do you have internet? The answer to that is most certainly a no, as you’re reading this article. (unless you have cached this article like a champion). So, the problem likely lies with the second and the third option. The second one is more than likely going to be the problem you’re experiencing.

How to fix the Halo Infinite no internet error code?

Firstly, you should at least try restarting your PC and router and/or modem to make sure that works. Sometimes, your router and PC can throw a hissy fit and need a quick reboot. That sometimes does the trick. For those wondering about NAT type, especially console players, this is one of the reasons your internet lags a lot and shows error codes while playing online games. We recommend restarting your internet at least once a day, especially before gaming, to ensure that the NAT type doesn’t get faulty. In fact, Microsoft actively recommends sending in a ticket if the usual on and off fix doesn’t fix your issues.

Technical time

If it is something more technical, then you’ll diagnose what part of your connection is causing the Halo Infinite no connection error code. It could be a firewall, router, modem, port forwarding, or other silly issues. If you’re playing Halo Infinite on a PC, you’ll have plenty of issues to check on.

The first and most obvious one is your firewall. If you have a third-party firewall, you’ll need to check on that to see if you have Halo Infinite going through its firewall. Make sure you accept in and outbound communications with the game, as that might be why. You’ll more than likely need to change rules, and find the halo infinite game application and check that through, but it differs depending on which firewall and antivirus you use. This is also the same issue on Windows Defender’s firewall settings. Make sure you allow it through your Firewall and try it again.

If that has not worked, it could be related to your port forwarding. UPNP is a common concern for gamers. Sometimes, your router might not be compatible with whatever IPV4 and IPV6 address or ports the game needs to read and transfer packets to and from your client. So, we recommend reading up a tutorial on how your router and modem forwards ports. Chances are, your local IP will be on your device, and you need to type that into your web browser and go from there. Make sure you find your make and model port forwarding guide, as everyone’s router is a little different. Once when you’re through, make sure you check the UPNP box that will be somewhere on your router’s webpage. 

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The final thing we recommend is keeping an eye on official Halo Infinite support channels. These channels will keep you informed if any server maintenance or other technical issues are affecting the ability to get online with Halo Infinite. If that is the case, that is guaranteed to be the reason why you’re receiving the Halo Infinite with no internet connection issues. See the above tweet for a reliable source of Halo technical issues and support

Have these issues fixed your problem? Why not take a look for other solutions on another Halo Infinite connection issue bug?

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