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Halo Infinite Ranking System: How many ranks are there?

We highlight what you can expect from the Halo Infinite ranking system

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:11 pm
Halo Infinite Ranking System

The Halo Infinite multiplayer has a surprising drop, offering the players the opportunity to play the multiplayer a few weeks earlier. It means the flood gates are now open, so you can all jump in play the classic Halo multiplayer we have all been waiting for. However, if you’re a more serious Halo player, there is a Halo Infinite ranking system available right now.

How does Halo Infinite Ranking system work?

The Halo Infinite ranking system is available during the Halo infinite beta and persists to the game’s full launch. When you get onto the main menu, you can select what type of gameplay feature you want to play. When you go to the multiplayer section, you can queue for several playlists, including the ranked mode.

The core principle of the ranked mode features the following rules:

  • All players start with BR75 Battle Rifle, rather than the AR.
  • Combat Sensors are disabled for every player.
  • Friendly fire is on by default.
  • Grenade hitmarkers are disabled.

As you can see, the ranked mode is actually fairly punishing, forcing you to bring your a game every single game. Moreso, the game is playable in completely open lobbies or in a separate solo/duo queue option.

Halo Infinite ranks

When you start playing the Halo Infinite ranking system, you will need to play ten games of placement before you get ranked. Once when you finish your ten placement matches, you’ll get yourself a rank.

The way the ranks work in Halo Infinite is separated into the standard metal or gem rank symbols. The lowest rank in the game is bronze, which climbs up to silver, gold, platinum and then diamond. Each of these rank tiers has several divisions, ranging from 1-6. You’ll earn your way to the next level whenever you climb from the best division in that rank tier. The best rank on the list is Onyx, which is reserved for the best of the best. Below you’ll find a table that features all the Halo Infinite ranks in order.

Halo Infinite ranks in order


Halo Infinite Ranked maps and modes

In terms of the content you can expect to play, you will find three competitive modes: CTF, Oddball, Stronghold, and Slayer. Moreso, you can expect to play on Aquarius, Streets, Bazaar, Recharge, Live Fire, and Behemoth. Note you can’t play every map for each game mode. We recommend learning these maps before going into ranked. It is so you know your grenades spots, weapon and equipment pickups, etc. So on so forth.

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