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Halo Infinite stat tracker: Where can you find your stats?

Yet another Halo game without an in built stat tracker.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021 6:24 am
Halo Infinite Stat Tracker

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Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is out now, and the game is incredibly popular across both Xbox, Windows Store and Steam. With so many players jumping in and giving the game a go, many are wondering how they compare to each other. One of the ways players are looking to compare is through a Halo Infinite stat tracker. However, Halo Infinite’s client does not have that information.

You see, the Halo franchise has a rather poor track record of keeping that information readily available. You need to use third-party websites, such as Halo Tracker to gather that information. As for the game client itself, you can find some level of stat recording through your match history. You’ll have to manually save the game’s history and bookmark it if you’re happy about the stats, but that is about as far as it goes in terms of the client.

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Need a Halo Infinite stat tracker? Head to Tracker.gg

Tracker.gg is a third party website that uses an API to gather information on a variety of games. It scrapes every match in your Halo Infinite match history, collecting kills, deaths, assists, flag captures, and other useful goodies to help record your performance.

If you want to keep tabs on that information, you can head over to Halo Tracker. Moreso, we highly recommend logging into your Microsoft account and connecting the tracker app to your account. That way it makes the connections between your tracker and Xbox live account much easier.

At the time of writing, there seems to be an API issue from the tracker’s end, causing some accounts it has not already scanned to not load. However, those who it has already scanned can be seen in the leaderboard section. Note, if you try to scan your Steam ID it will not work. Please use your Xbox Gamertag instead, even when the API is back to working at full strength.

Oh, and that’s another bonus of the tracker, there’s actually a leaderboard feature. That’s right, you can see how you stack up globally in various metrics. It’s not the best leaderboard integration, but, it’s the only one currently available.

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