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How to get the Pancake Medal in Halo Infinite (Repulsor flatten tips)

Net yourself one of the best sounding Halo Infinite medals with this quick guide

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:16 pm
How to get the Pancake Medal in Halo Infinite (Repulsor flatten tips)

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There’s potentially no sweeter sound than the Halo announcer letting you know you just achieved a great feat in a multiplayer match. Whether that’s the more common Killing Spree or the hard to accomplish Killamanjaro, these medals are something that you should be proud of receiving.

With Halo Infinite, there are not only the classics to pick up but also some brand new additions that are tied to in-game equipment. One such medal is the Pancake Medal which players are struggling a little to accomplish.

Below, we’ll be running you through all you need to know about the Pancake Medal and what you’ll need to do to hear the announcer shout Pancake in that oh so glorious tone.

How to get the Pancake Medal in Halo Infinite

how to get pancake medal halo infinite

So, to get the Pancake Medal in Halo Infinite, you’re going to need to put your guns down, leave vehicles out of it, and use some equipment to do so. The specific bit of equipment you’ll need to acquire is the Repulsor in which pushes back enemies upon activation. These Repulsors can be picked up on various maps so just keep playing until you’re able to net yourself the upgrade.

Once you’ve picked up the Repulsor, you’ll need to get a Repulsor flatten. This is done by using the equipment to ‘repulse’ enemies into walls. We suggest that you try and do this when an adversary is on low health to ensure that you do in fact get the kill.

To confirm, you’ll need to:

  • Pick up the Repulsor in a Halo Infinite multiplayer match
  • Destroy an enemies shields to ensure a kill
  • Press your ‘use equipment button’ to Repulsor flatten and enemy into a wall

To verify you successfully got the Repulsor flatten, you’ll hear Pancake and see the Pancake Medal on screen.

As multiplayer matches are random in nature, it can be a little tricky to get the timing right. What we recommend is that you try and aim to complete the above steps on a smaller map such as Recharge which has a lot of tight spaces and walls to fling your opponents at.

Now go out and try and get those Repulsor flattens Spartan!

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