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Can you replay missions in Halo Infinite? – Everything we know

Is there Halo Campaign replayability? We aim to answer all with this article

Updated: Apr 12, 2022 8:35 am
Halo Infinite not launching

The Halo Infinite campaign is something that both long-term fans and new entrants to the franchise have been thoroughly enjoying. Whether that’s through deploying the Grappleshot, which simply doesn’t get old, or making your way through Zeta Halo in your vehicle of choice.

However, while the game was delayed to allow for more polish to be added to both the campaign and multiplayer portions, there are still missing features and modes that have had players questioning if it needed longer in the hands of 343 before being released to the public.

One point that is heavily being discussed is the replayability component of the campaign, as there was not really any prior to release clarification on whether you’re able to boot up a mission you’ve just completed, maybe on a harder difficulty, to experience the challenge all over again, similar to that of other games of the franchise.

Below, we’ll be breaking down all we know on the Halo Infinite campaign replayability options and ultimately answering the question of if you can replay missions in Halo Infinite.

Can you replay missions in Halo Infinite?


The above question is a little tricky to answer with just a yes or no answer.

At this current time, no, you cannot replay a Halo Infnite campaign mission after you’ve completed it. However, on the flip side, you are able to replay the campaign once you’ve finished it. Additionally, if you do want to go through it again, you can take all the skulls you’ve unlocked previously into new save games which is something to be pleased about.

So, you can, if you so wish, make a completely new save and play through the whole campaign again at your leisure. What you can’t do is pick a specific mission that you want to play and go straight into it. This is a departure from other franchise entries and is something that almost seems like a step in a backward direction.

Long-time fans are within their own right to be annoyed by this as other modes are also missing from the game, so not having replayable missions right off the bat is another kick in the teeth. The way we can sympathize with 343 is that the campaign itself is a big departure from older Halo games and doesn’t exactly have the true linear story that those ones had. The open-world nature and the various ‘side’ missions are something that can’t really be ‘replayed’ in a linear fashion so it’s really quite difficult to provide those who want it with a mission select screen.

All that we can hope for you campaign lovers is that 343 will introduce a mission replay menu of some form later down the line. There will be additions like Forge and Co-Op in 2022 so, in our eyes, there’s no real reason why this can’t be looked at also.

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