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Halo Infinite – The Tower Boss Guide: Chak ‘Lok

He really, really likes his Tower

Updated: Dec 10, 2021 6:23 pm
Halo Infinite – The Tower Boss Guide: Chak ‘Lok

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Chak ‘Lok is a shifty individual with an invisibility cloak, energy sword, and pulse carbine. He welcomes you to his Tower, a primary location in Halo Infinite’s story missions. 


On Normal and Heroic he can pretty much end the fight instantly but on Legendary? I found it’s best to make peace with the fact you’ll be seeing the loading screen over and over again. 

Boss fights are actually quite a new concept to Halo, especially in this style with health bars, as prior entries had combat encounters like Guilty Spark in Halo 3 or the recurring fights in Halo 5, but never anything like this. It’s a neat distraction from the usual fare of Halo sandboxes and mowing down marines by accident as you jettison yourself off a hill in a warthog. 


Chak ‘Lok will almost always start the fight cloaked, but his outline is fairly easy to follow if you spot it. However, the game does introduce the locator prior to this encounter, so just use that, trying to aim for a central location as he will more often than not follow you around as you kite him. 

The hellish nightmare is the sword, which will absolutely finish you off in one swipe on Legendary. His lunges and penchant for just appearing if you turn around to run away are infuriating. 


However, he’s still an Elite and this is still a Halo game. If you came in with a Plasma Carbine, ignore this advice, but as you dart around the arena you’ll find one lying next to a box for you to use. Ammo boxes also litter the arena and exploding barrels too, which will halt him in his tracks, also highlighting him too. 


The Plasma Carbine will strip away his shields pretty quickly, but it doesn’t work in the way you think it does. The Carbine is a mid-range weapon, not long or short. Up close it does what you expect, but you need the reticle to be red and stand away from him for the plasma shots to track him down. 


Doing this and keeping your distance will allow you to bombard the fool with every grenade in your pockets and then swap to a kinetic weapon (assault rifles, etc.) to rip through his health. If you can land a sticky grenade, I applaud you and if you get through this without crying about accidentally installing it to an HDD on your PC instead of the NVMe or SSD, as the load times increase, you’re more than a champion. 

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