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Haunted Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost – Where are Haunted Lost Sectors?

Find those Haunted Lost Sectors and get your sweet loot!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 12:38 pm
Haunted Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost – Where are Haunted Lost Sectors?

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Destiny 2 loves a good event and it’s spooky season so it’s the Festival of the Lost’s turn to get some love. While candy collecting returns again, alongside classic and new masks, there’s a shiny new activity for players to sink their teeth into.

The activity in question here is Haunted Lost Sectors, a reimagining of the basic, but challenging, Lost Sectors scattered around the Destiny 2 universe. However, the question on a bunch of players’ lips is “where are Haunted Lost Sectors?” as its not instantly apparent how to access them. So, in an effort to answer this, we’ll get into how to unlock Haunted Lost Sectors and where to find them so you can get to gobbling up all that candy in Festival of the Lost.

How to unlock Haunted Lost Sectors

how to unlock haunted lost sectors

When you log in to Destiny 2 for the first time post Festival of the Lost update, you’ll realize Haunted Lost Sectors aren’t available to you right off the bat. It is, however, extremely simple to get them unlocked.

Head to Eva Levante in the tower and pick up the Gone But Not Forgotten quest. Complete the first step where you collect candy and find Spectral pages. After this, Haunted Lost Sectors will be unlocked.

Where are Haunted Lost Sectors?

where are haunted lost sectors

Traditionally, Lost Sectors are found scattered throughout various planets within the Destiny 2 solar system. However, with Festival of the Lost, this is changed for the Haunted Lost Sector variant.

To access Haunted Lost Sectors after completing the above, simply open up your director, go to ‘Desintations’ and open the Tower. Above the usual spawn point, you should be able to see the Haunted Lost Sectors playlist which you can enter into and matchmake for the new activity. The recommended power is 1250 though so make sure you’ve done some grinding for those powerful and pinnacle rewards to have a chance of survival!

Now you know all about Haunted Lost Sectors, go out and get those sweet treats!

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