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Horizon Forbidden West Best Beginner Skills

What are the best skills to get in Horizon Forbidden West if you're a beginner?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022 4:57 pm
Horizon Forbidden West Aloy Spear Better Than Zero Dawn More Powerful Attacks

Horizon Forbidden West sees the return of Aloy and the post-apocalyptic future United States, featuring an abundance of machine fauna. Although this game is a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s seen a large number of beginners pick it up. As such, there’s a brief transition period for any new Horizon player, getting used to the special combat mechanics of Forbidden West.

As with a lot of Sony action RPGs (looking at you God of War), Horizon Forbidden West features an in-depth skill tree. One that has six different tiers for players to invest in and master.

  • Warrior
  • Trapper
  • Hunter
  • Survivor
  • Infiltrator
  • Machine Master
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Throughout the game, players will level up as they complete side quests and main quests. Where they’ll receive points which can be spent on the skill tree. If you fully learn all available skills for one skill tree, you can earn the Skill Tree Learned trophy.

Although players have the choice of what skills they want, there is an instance where you need to unlock Block Breaker and Resonator Black skills to accomplish the first training pits in Chainscrape. Each skill set will speak to players differently based on their preferred playstyle. Whether that’s powerful melee attacks, more potent healing abilities, overriding machines faster there’s something for everything.

But what are the best skills to unlock first? Well let’s take a look:

Best Warrior Skills

Resonator Blast: The Resonator Blast is perfect for when you’ve got no choice but to get up close and personal. The Resonator Blast powers up your spear, then leaves your opponent with a weak spot you can take advantage of and shoot.

Melee Damage: Regardless of whether you use your spear a lot of not, you’ll find yourself in situations where there’s no other option. And with the Melee Damage, it will give you a passive damage buff that’ll come in useful. But pairing this with Power Attack and Burst Fire will get you another Melee Damage boost, getting your weapon damage up to 70%.

Best Machine Master Skills

Part Breaker: This skill will help you remove machine components, which are needed to upgrade and purchase weapons and outfits. But when you upgrade it to Tier 3, you also get the chance to knock down a machine every time you tear off a component. Pairing this skill with Stealth Tear and sneaking up on your opponents means you’ll have pockets full of components in no time.

Best Infiltrator Skills

Stealth Tear: To pair this with Part Breaker, you’ll need this skill to make the most of your component gathering.

Stealth Ranged: This is the skill to help you take down humans whilst keeping your range. Cheap and easy!

Best Survivor Skills

Potent Medicine: If you’re the type of player who might take too much damage than they thought, this is the skill for you. It’ll provide your Medicinal Berries with 20% potency.

Best Hunter Skills

Valor Surge Master: A passive boost that’ll help you build valor faster and thus performing Valor Surges more. IIt also has some nice synergy with Part Breaker.

Best Trapper Skills

Quick Wire: If you’re a trapper then this goes without saying!

There you have it, some of the best skills to get in Horizon Forbidden West!

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