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Horizon Forbidden West: Breaking Even guide

Here’s a quick walkthrough on completing Breaking Even quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

Updated: Mar 7, 2022 8:12 pm
Horizon Forbidden West: Breaking Even guide

Breaking Even is a side quest in Horizon Forbidden west that is available in Camp Nowhere. During the quest, Aloy finds herself in an ancient tunnel with its passage cut off to No Man’s Land. It is up to the protagonist to find a way through. Completing the quest rewards players with 4,500 XP and two skill points. The recommended level for the mission is 18 and it is one of the best sources of early game XP and skill points.

How to Complete Breaking Even in Horizon Forbidden West

To trigger the quest, you need to head to Camp Nowhere and find the tunnel in the area. If you want help finding the location, talk to Ponguf at the blacksmith workstation and he will guide you to the entrance. He wants you to recover his black box and investigate the tunnel.

Once you are inside the tunnel, use Firegleam to blow up the fall so you get access to the hidden areas in the tunnel. There will be a bunch of small machines in the area that you need to deal with. We recommend killing all of the machines in the area as they offer a decent amount of XP, which is valuable in the early game.

As you make your way through the tunnel, you will find a Rockbreaker which you need to fight. Once you deal with the machine, you will find an entrance to a second tunnel where you have to shoot some barrels to blow up the wall. Once you create an opening, you can pick up the black box return it to Porguf.

Talk to Porguf at Camp Nowhere, and he will give you your reward. Before leaving the cave, make sure you pick up all of the resources and machine parts that you get along the way.

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