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Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron Locations

The cauldrons are vital if you want to override machines and use them as mounts, or have them fight at your side against other enemies.

Updated: Feb 23, 2022 4:54 pm
Horizon Forbidden West Cauldron Locations

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Horizon Forbidden West sees the return of Aloy and the post-apocalyptic future United States, featuring an abundance of machine fauna. Although this game is a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, a large number of new players are flocking to the sequel.

To say this game is dense would be an apt observation, considering there’s so much to do in Horizon Forbidden West, it’s no surprise that some people might be in the need of help and some guidance. And if you’re here now, you probably need some help in finding the in-game cauldrons.

The cauldrons are vital if you want to override machines and use them as mounts or have them fight at your side against other enemies. Each of the Cauldron locations involves puzzles and a boss fight that you need to beat before you can claim any rewards. But it’s not without purpose, because although you’ll be able to accrue a large repertoire of mounts.

Cauldrons locations and overrides

Horizon cauldron locations

1 – Cauldron MU (Level 18)

Full overrides: Burrower, Scrounger, Grazer

Crafting required: Scrapper, Fanghorn, Widemaw

This will likely be the first Cauldron you encounter, but it is optional.

2 – Repair Bay Tau (Level 15)

Full overrides: Bristleback

Crafting required: Plowhorn, Grimhorn

This Cauldron is story-linked and thus you’ll find this one relatively early in-game.

3 – Cauldron Gemini (Level 30)

Full overrides: Sunwing

Players can find this Cauldron by exploring, but we recommend you wait until the story naturally takes you there because you won’t be able to do anything with it until the game and story allow you to.

4 – Cauldron Iota (Level 22)

Full overrides: Leaplasher, Glinthawk, Lancehorn, Longleg, Clawstrider

Crafting required: Skydrifter, Bellowback, Ravager, Snapmaw, Rollerback

Here you’ll find a secret Tallneck, so it’s a nice change from the usual activities. When you find the main entrance, you’ll need to find another one (which is south!).

5 – Cauldron Chi (Level 30)

Full overrides: Frostclaw, Redeye Watcher, Shell-Walker, Clamberjaw, Behemoth

Crafting required: Stalker, Shellsnapper, Spikesnout, Scorcher, Fireclaw

Another Cauldron with a false entrance, you’ll need to instead use another entrance which is right next to the main one.

6 – Cauldron Kappa (Level 40)

Full overrides: Rockbreaker, Tideripper, Tremortusk, Stormbird

Crafting required: Thunderjaw, Slitherfang, Dreadwing, Slaughterspine 

Considering it’s the last one, it’s no surprise this is also the most difficult Cauldron in the game. You’ll need to get into it via an underwater entrance and get ready for some climbing and a big boss fight at the end.

There you have it, all the Cauldron overrides and their locations! Good luck!

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