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Horizon Forbidden West: Faro’s Tomb guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to complete the Faro’s Tomb quest.

Updated: Mar 5, 2022 4:19 pm
Horizon Forbidden West: Faro’s Tomb guide

Faro’s Tomb is one of the main quests in Horizon Forbidden West and is automatically unlocked once The Seeds of the Past is completed. The recommended player level for this quest is Level 26. In this quest, Aloy must find Omega Clearance from Thebes and travel to the ruins of San Francisco.

How to Complete the Faro’s Tomb Guide

  1. From Thornmarsh Settlement, take a boat to the Isle of Spires. From here, travel to Legacy Landfall. The wilderness has fewer machines than the main path. Speak to Ceo and Bohai who will tell you more about the Quen. 
  2. From Legacy Landfall, travel to Thebes. In the game, this location is also called The Digsite. Here you will find the Thunderjaw. This machine is weak to Acid Damage but the quickest way to defeat it is by dislodging the Disc Launcher from its back and then firing it at weak parts of its body. 
  3. After killing the Thunderjaw, enter with The Digsite with Ceo and Bohai. The Digsite cannot be entered through the main entrance, and only by an underwater passage. Swim to a burst pipe where you’ll see a turbine that pauses intermittently. Time this correctly and swim through it. Interact with a console in the left room to switch off the next turbine and enter Thebes. You can pick up Datapoints by scanning the living quarters with Focus. There’s a console near the front door, interact with it to open and let Quen inside. 
  4. Travel deeper into Thebes, until you reach a large statue. Here you’ll be attacked by Corrupters, who are weak to Fire Damage. You’ll now see a Medical Chair which can be scanned for a Hologram Datapoint. 
  5. Continue until you find a locked door. Using your Pullcaster, enter a room on the right and interact with a console. Now the Quen will enter and you will have to fight or escape them. Bohai enters and Aloy convinces them of the truth behind Ceo’s death. After this, they escape Thebes and the quest is complete. 

Faro’s Tomb quest gives the player 20,800 XP and two skill points as well as the Discovered Faro’s Fate trophy. The next quest in Horizon Forbidden West is Gemini.

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