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Horizon Forbidden West: Forbidden Legacy walkthrough

Here’s a quick walkthrough on completing Forbidden Legacy quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

Updated: Mar 7, 2022 8:27 pm
Horizon Forbidden West: Forbidden Legacy walkthrough

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Forbidden Legacy is one of the late-game side quests in Horizon Forbidden West and it is unlocked after progressing through the campaign and completing the Gemini chapter. Completing the quest rewards players with 7,500 XP and three skill points. Talking to Alva reveals that data in San Francisco can help Quen fix a defunct flood control system and Aloy needs to help her out. 

How to Complete Forbidden Legacy in Horizon Forbidden West

To start the quest, you need to complete the Gemini questline during the campaign. After completing the mission, talk to Beta at The Base and the quest will become available from Alva, who is located at Legacy’s Landfall. Follow her into the research facility after talking to her to commence the quest. Kill the Slitherfang that appears and search the ruins for any valuable data. You will eventually find a console that you can interact with.

Once you are done, find an entrance to the headquarters and make your way through to the locked door. To climb up to the door, use your Focus to get visual indicators for climbing. Once you are at the door, enter the code 102023. Search the headquarters to find any information about the Leviathan.

Once you have what you need, Aloy needs to climb up the Ancestor’s Office and look for more data on the Leviathan. The code to enter the door is 402625. Search the room thoroughly and you will find a console that you can interact with. Interact with the console and you will trigger a cutscene which will complete the side quest.

Parkour in the mission can be very tricky if you do not know what you are doing. Using a Ropecaster to help yourself up can be a solid strategy and you should use Aloy’s focus as much as possible to figure out where you need to climb.

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