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Horizon Forbidden West: GEMINI Guide

Here’s how to complete the Gemini quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

Updated: Mar 5, 2022 7:59 pm

After having secured the Omega Clearance from the Faro’s Tomb quest, GAIA will now attempt to subdue and capture HEPHAESTUS at the Cauldron Gemini. In the quest, GEMINI Aloy prepares for GAIA’s mission. 

The recommended player level for attempting the Gemini quest is Level 30. 

How to Complete Gemini on Horizon Forbidden Quest? 

Start by traveling to The Base and speaking to GAIA. You’ll now have to speak to Beta and then return to speak to GAIA again. In a cutscene, Aloy is automatically transported to Gemini. You’ll find yourself inside a Cauldron where Aloy has to face off against a Behemoth. The Behemoth is weak to Acid Damage so make sure you attack it with the right weapons. Another option is to remove the Ravager’s weapon and use it against the Behemoth. 

Now, follow the path to HEPHAESTUS, to the platform across the large chasm. You might need to use the Pullcaster to create a path to climb. Keep traveling until you reach a junction. Here you’ll need to enter either of the chambers to override the Network Uplinks. Both chambers have different paths to achieve this, but going right is easier. You can use the yellow cord and the Pullcaster to climb up to the upper levels. 

As soon as you try to override the Network Uplink, you’ll face a Fire Bellowback which can only be defeated using Frost Damage and using a Clawstrider. After defeating it, loot it and travel back to the Junction in the same way you came. Make sure you stay off the ground floor since HEPHAESTUS will electrocute it. Use the flying machines to get a ride to the left chamber. 

Now you’ll have to kill Longlegs, Leaplashers, and a tough-to-kill Grimhorn. The best way to kill it is by dislocating the Disc Launcher and then you can safely override the Network Uplink. Return to Beta and Varl, but be on alert to fight a Slaughterspine on your way with Frost damage and Purgewater damage. Override the final uplink and then safely return to the entrance to complete the quest. 

Completing the GEMINI quest gives the player 24,000 XP and two skill points. The next quest for Aloy is All That Remains.

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