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Horizon Forbidden West Tiderripper Boss Guide

How to defeat Tiderripper in Horizon Forbidden West? Learn everything in this Tiderripper Boss Guide

Updated: Feb 24, 2022 10:06 pm
Horizon Forbidden West Tiderripper Boss Guide

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Horizon Forbidden West is the newest game in PlayStation Exclusive catalog. It looks amazing, and the gameplay is even better. The main aspect of gameplay is combat, and you will fight plenty of various enemies in the game, including some bigger threats. Here is our guide on Tiderripper Boss in Horizon Forbidden West.

The Tiderripper Boss is first encountered in the main mission called The Sea of Sands. You will receive the Diving Gear in this quest and will head into the underwater depths of the sunken casino. At some point during this exploration, you will need to battle Tiderripper.

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How to Beat Tiderripper Boss in Horizon Forbidden West?

Tiderripper is a water type of machine that can swim underwater. It is very large and powerful, categorized as Acquisition machine.

  • Machine Level: 26
  • Weak to: Freeze and Shock
  • Resistant to: Fire and Purgewater
  • Explosive Parts: Two Purgewater Sacs
  • Weak Parts: Heart and Exhaust Port

This huge machine is capable of some devastating attacks both in water and on land. Make sure to keep your distance, kite the enemy and use your dodge a lit. Another useful tip when fighting any type of machine is to sprint away, slide, turn your camera and shoot at the weak spots of the enemy when its closing in on you.

Before fighting, make sure to scan and highlight its weak spots. You can do this by holding R3, then selecting weak points by using left/right arrows on the d-pad and pressing the triangle button.

After knocking off the Purgewater Pouch, it will disable some of the attacks of this boss. The same goes for the Purgewater Cannon, Tail and Tidal Discs. All of these parts can be highlighted and take off with enough firepower. Remember to use Shock or Freeze elements to slow and knock down the enemy to make the fight a bit easier. The battle takes place in a closed off area, so make sure not to block on any wall or obstacle.

Horizon Forbidden West is out now on PS4 and PS5. You can buy the game on the official PS Store.

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