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How to Unlock Shops in Horizon Forbidden West

Here's how to Unlock Shops in Horizon Forbidden West.

Updated: Feb 25, 2022 12:00 pm
Unlock Shops

Horizon Forbidden West reintroduces a number of mechanics from Horizon Zero Dawn. Just like the previous game, most of the gear that you get in Forbidden West needs to be purchased. While there are some amazing Legendary and Very Rare items which you can earn, you still need to rely on Shops to get what you need. With a lot of vendors offering a fair sum for machine parts, you should have enough currency at your disposal to unlock whatever you want.

Unlocking Shops in Horizon Forbidden West

If you complete the story missions, you will automatically visit new areas and cities. Most major areas with settlements have a shop or vendor to obtain items from. The Daunt is the first location you need to unlock to get access to any shop in the game. After which, you can head to any of the areas in the game to get access to the vendors. The easiest vendor to reach from The Daunt is Chainscrape.

Unfortunately, even though the shops get unlocked at this point in the story, no vendor will sell you anything because of the tyrannous ruler Ulvund. You will need to complete the Deep Trouble and The Bristlebacks questlines to get complete access to the wares of the shops.

Both quests are easy and will have green markers on them as they are crucial for campaign progress.

We recommend not spending too many of your resources in Shops as having a couple of solid armor sets is more than enough for the early game. Once you begin to understand the build system, you can work towards upgrading gear that suits your playstyle. Getting weapons is strongly recommended as they can significantly boost your damage but armor sets on the other hand are only as valuable as their perks.

Try to unlock all shops as quickly as possible to see what every vendor has to offer to you. We recommend picking up the Legendary armor from the side quests once you get closer to the endgame for an easier experience without needing to invest your hard-earned resources.

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