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Horizon Forbidden West Mounts Guide

Let's have a peek at the different mounts you can ride and how to obtain them

Updated: Feb 25, 2022 9:28 am
Horizon Forbidden West Mounts Guide

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Horizon Forbidden West sees the return of Aloy and the post-apocalyptic future United States, featuring an abundance of machine fauna. Although this game is a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, a large number of new players are flocking to the sequel.

To say this game is dense would be an apt observation, considering there’s so much to do in Horizon Forbidden West, it’s no surprise that some people might be in the need of help and some guidance. And if you’re here now, then no doubt you’d like some guidance with the various Mounts you can find in-game.

How to get a Mount in Horizon Forbidden West

To unlock mounts in-game, you need to override mountable machines. There are three types of mounts in Horizon Forbidden West, all of which are similar in nature but they each have one unique quality that might make you pick one over the other. But all of them make traveling endlessly easier.

To get a mount, Aloy will need to override machines. To Override each mount, you’ll need to go to a specific Cauldron, which will be listed below for each mount.

How to Override a Machine

In order to use this new ability, players will need to be within range of the mountable machines. Players will need to avoid being seen, and thus you’ll need to use the best of your stealthy abilities. Using Aloy’s whistle, players can draw the machines nearer so that they’ll be within range. Once close enough, there will be a prompt to override it.

At this point, timing is key. If the player misses the chance, the machine might notice Aloy and become aggressive. But if the override is done successfully, Aloy will be able to mount it until it either dies or players get a new one.

Horizon Forbidden West Mounts

There are four different types of mounts available for use.


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Chargers will be the first mount you can use in the game. You’ll start the game with the override code for the Charger, so you can quickly get yourself one.

Chargers are quick, but they’re not the strongest. Especially if you get into some trouble whilst riding on, they can go down quickly if you don’t escape quickly.


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In Daunt, you’ll find Bristlebacks. These machines are good fighters and have some elemental attacks that lend to their strengths. Not to mention, they’re pretty fast, which makes getting around a whole lot easier. Nor will you need to worry about running into trouble as the Bristlebacks can aid you in a fight.

Bristleback Override

You can find the override for Bristlebacks in the TAU Cauldron/Repair Bay west of Plainsong.


Horizon Forbidden West Clawstrider Treat Code - PlayStation LifeStyle

Although Clawstriders are excellent additions to any fight, they pay for their strength with their speed. They’re one of the slower mounts, but thankfully they’re a lot more maneuverable through the wilderness and terrain.

Clawstrider Override

 You can get the Clawstrider Override by completing the IOTA Cauldron you’ll find near the northern edge of the map, just north of Scalding Spear.


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Your one flying mount, the Sunwings make travel so much easier. You can drop down onto the world below and bypass some puzzles or combat. They’re the fastest mount but not a great fighter. But all in all, they’re a flying mount, what’s not to want?

Sunwing Override

You’ll get the Sunwing Override as part of the story, so you can’t unlock it ahead of time. You’ll need to do the quest that takes you to the Gemini Cauldron to get it.

There you have it, all the mounts you can find in Horizon Forbidden West!

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