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Horizon Forbidden West: Need to Know guide

Here's how to complete Need to Know quest.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022 9:25 pm
Horizon Forbidden West: Need to Know guide

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Need to Know is a side quest in Horizon Forbidden West. The side mission involves Talanah, a friend you meet during your journey. She is looking for a friend of hers who has gone missing and it is up to Aloy to help find her. To get access to the Need to Know side quest, players need to finish The Burning Blooms which is part of the Talanah storyline. 

How to Complete Need to Know in Horizon Forbidden West

Once the quest commences, you have to head to a small encampment of Oseram in No Man’s Land. You will meet Talanah, who decides to head right ahead to the north of Thornmarsh. Once you are geared up, head to Talanah as you prepare to fight a Fireclaw.

After you find Talanah, you will meet her friend who is battling a Fireclaw. Players need to step in to save his life and take down the Fireclaw. You should take advantage of any Frost damage that you have as Fireclaws are extremely vulnerable to frost. Beware of the aggressive attacks that the Fireclaw dishes out as you dodge in and out of cover.

Once you kill the Fireclaw, collect all the parts before heading out to meet Talanah. She will introduce you to her friend who tells you that he was out looking for a nearby prison. The NPC will take you to the prison where you have to fight human opponents and face-off against a Tideripper.

Just like the Fireclaw, Tiderippers are also weak to frost damage. Equip any weapon that deals frost damage and you should be able to shut it down. Use your focus and keep damaging its weak points to make short work of the powerful foe. 

After taking down the Tideripper talk to Talanah to end the quest. The quest rewards you with the Lightning Hunter bow which is one of the best shock damage bows you can get your hands on in the early game.

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