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Horizon Forbidden West: Relic Locations and Loot

Here are all the Relic Locations in Horizon Forbidden West.

Updated: Mar 13, 2022 3:46 pm
Horizon Forbidden West: Relic Locations and Loot

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There are nine Relics in Horizon Forbidden West. Finding a relic requires traveling to the location and solving a puzzle, with loot as a reward. Eight of the relics are located on the map and can be accessed in open-world, but the ninth relic is accessed through a quest. 

Where to Find Relic Locations and Loot in Horizon Forbidden West? 

Here are the locations for all nine Relics. 

#1: The Daunt Relic Ruins

The first relic ruin is called The Daunt.
Location: 200 meters south of Chainscrape

The loot is located behind the broken door on the second floor. The input code for the locked door is 1705

#2: No Man’s Land Relic Ruins

Location: 483 meters southwest of Barren Light.
This relic mission requires the Igniter from the fifth quest Death’s Door. Enter the code 2204 to grab the Ornament behind the locked door. 

#3: Restless Weald Relic Ruins

Location: 444 meters north of Plainsong Vista Point.

Grab the Depot Office Key, and go down the ladder to the locked red door. Here, enter in the code 1923 to pick up the loot. 

#4: Dry Yearn Relic Ruins

Location: 437 meters east of Scalding Spear. 

You can access this ruin if you’ve completed The Seeds of the Past main quest. Go through the red unlocked door, and use gliders to grab the Ornament. 

#5: The Stillsands Relic Ruins

Location: 170 meters northeast of Hidden Ember. 

You’ll need to go to the drain room, flood the room and swim to the south end. Here you can climb up the wall to get the Ornament. 

#6: Runner’s Wild Relic Ruins

Location: 884 meters northwest of Scalding Spear. 

You’ll have to get the Altar Room key to open the locked red door and climb the tower for the Ornament. 

#7: The Long Coast Relic Ruins

Location: 310 meters northeast of Thornmarsh. 

You’ll need to use the elevator to access the Ornament at the top of the relic ruin.

#8: Isle of Spires Relic Ruins

Location: 414 meters southwest of Legacy’s Landfall. 

Enter the code 2109109 for the locked red door in the Relic Ruin lobby. 

#9: Night of Lights Relic Ruin

Speak with Stemmur at Hidden Ember for the Night of Lights ruin. Enter door code: 739135 at the locked red door. 

Each Relic Ruin gives the player XP, skill points, and other rewards.

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