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Horizon Forbidden West: Singularity guide

Here’s how to get through the final quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

Updated: Mar 7, 2022 8:11 pm
Horizon Forbidden West: Singularity guide

Singularity is the final quest out of 17 main quests in Horizon Forbidden West. This quest starts as soon as The Wings of Ten is completed, and Aloy must prepare for a major fight with Zenith to save life on Earth. The recommended player level for Singularity is Level 35. 

How to Complete the Singularity Quest in Horizon Forbidden West? 

Here’s a step-by-step process to the Singularity quest. This quest cannot be repeated.

  1. Start at The Base and speak to all your allies in GAIA’s old location. If you chose to save Regalla in the previous quest The Wings of Ten, you’ll find her in Beta’s place. Head to the south of Fall’s Edge, the rendezvous point. 
  2. You’ll be paired with Erend and together face Specters, who are most weak to Acid Damage or a Ravager weapon. Head deeper inside the cave and keep fighting Specters on your path until you reach the Launch Tower, where you’ll meet Regalla if you’ve saved her. Next, a fight with Erik begins at the elevator console, and you can beat him by targeting the helmet. Go back to the elevator and travel up using Pullcaster and reach the summit at the top of the tower, where you’ll face the final fight. 
  3. You’ll now face the Specter Prime, and make sure to immediately scan it with Focus to get the All Machine Types Scanned trophy. While Specter Prime is weak to Acid like other Specters, it’s also much faster and sets the surrounding area on fire. The best way to defeat it is to keep dodging attacks and target the gold areas on its armor, as well as the spinning orb at the center of its chest. Corroding the armor also delivers the most damage. 
  4. Once the Specter Prime is dead, the quest is completed and the game ends after a cutscene. 

Completing the quest gives the player 28,000 XP and two skill points. The Singularity quest marks the end of Horizon Forbidden West, but you can still complete side quests and open-world activities once it is done.

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