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Horizon Forbidden West: The Blood Choke guide

Here’s how to complete The Blood Choke quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

Updated: Mar 6, 2022 9:43 am
Horizon Forbidden West: The Blood Choke guide

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The Blood Choke is a side quest in Horizon Forbidden West that is available from the NPC Atekka. There are no prerequisites to obtaining the mission and simply talking to Atekka will commence the quest. The recommended level for the quest is 27 and you will receive 9,000 XP, two skill points, and the Tenakth Reaver Armor upon completion. It is one of the most rewarding quests and the armor set alone makes it worth picking up this side quest.

How to Complete The Blood Choke in Horizon Forbidden West

Talk to Atekka to start the quest in Thornmarsh. The NPC will ask you to follow all the through to the river upstream. After a while, you will reach an area with Tenakth fighting a few machines. Aid them in the battle and talk to Atekka once done. You will be tasked with climbing up the waterfall and killing the rebels along with their Fireclaw.

Once you are geared up and ready to go, investigate the rebel camp and fight the Fireclaw. Aloy will decide to destroy the nearby dam to cause heavy damage to the rebel forces. The rebels were polluting the water with red alae which was causing innocent Lowland Tenakth to fall ill.

By destroying the dam, the Lowland Tenakth are now safe. Return to Atekka to trigger the end of the quest. She will thank you for your efforts along with other citizens of the village. After talking to all the nearby NPCs, the quest ends and you receive your rewards.

The quest offers a massive chunk of XP and the Tenakth Reaver armor can carry you through the midgame. With future side quests becoming more difficult, we recommend completing The Blood Choke to snag the armor set as it offers solid all-around defenses to aid you in combat.

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