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Horizon Forbidden West: The Kulrut guide

Here’s how to complete the quest The Kulrut.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022 9:28 pm
Horizon Forbidden West: The Kulrut guide

The Kulrut is one of the main quests in Horizon Forbidden West. It begins immediately after The Broken Sky quest and has a recommended player level of Level 18. In this quest, Aloy must ensure the competition succeeds once the Sky Clan challengers arrive to gain access to the Aether.

How to Complete ‘The Kulrut’ Quest

Here’s everything you need to know to complete The Kulrut quest. 

  1. Return to Memorial Grove and meet Chief Hekkaro. Upgrade your weapons and restock potions to prepare for a fight, and then meet Dekka.
  2. Now the Kulrut begins. Regalla’s machines enter the arena and Aloy must fight them before they break the barricade. Focus on killing Ravagers.
  3. You will now encounter a boss machine Slitherfang. Slitherfang is best defeated through Fire, Frost, and Plasma damage weapons, but it’s much faster to let the Tenakth shoot at it. Focus on luring it away from the turret. The Slitherfang is one of the fastest machines, so make sure to use the giant pillars in the arena for cover as you are luring it away. Setting traps is another effective way to slow it down. Make sure to target certain weak parts of the machine like the Sonic Hood, Sparker, and Purgewater Canister to leave it more vulnerable to the Tenakth attacks. You can find medicinal berries and resource catches throughout the arena to fill up on supplies. 
  4. Once you’ve defeated the Slitherfang, make sure to loot it and then head up to Chief Hekkaro’s throne room. You may encounter more rebels on the way and have to fight them. You will have to rescue Chief Hekkaro. 
  5. Chief Hekkaro will grant you access to the Aether. You can access the Aether by interacting with the console and going down the ladder. Now you can collect the AI. Meet Dekka on your way out.
  6. Return to the Base. Speak to GAIA, and the mission is now completed. 

Completing The Kulrut rewards the player with 9,000 XP and two skill points, and unlocks the next quest Cradle of Echoes.

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