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Horizon Forbidden West: The Roots That Bind guide

Here's how to complete The Roots That Bind quest.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022 9:24 pm
The Roots that Bind

The Roots That Bind is a side quest that you can do at level 15 in Horizon Forbidden West. The quest involves the Ukaru village of Riverhymn which has been under constant attack by Tenakh raiders. Without any support from Aloy, they will not be able to hold out much longer. It is one of the best early game side quests to complete and it rewards you with 3,750 XP, the Kue’s Sharpshot Bow, and two skill points.

How to Complete The Roots That Bind in Horizon Forbidden West

For starting the new quest, players will have to talk to the quest giver in Plainsong or they can head to the abandoned settlement Riverhymn, which is located in the area north of Plainsong. If you trigger the quest from Plainsong, you will talk to Nel who talks about her village Riverhymn but no one seems to care. Aloy agrees to help her and aid the village in their ongoing conflicts against the Tenakht Rebels.

Once you head to the village, you will meet Kue who tasks you to find Widemaw parts. He accompanies you to help and find one of Kue’s missing friends in the process. After you rescue his friend, you have to gather six Widemaw Metal Pods. You can collect them from the small pond in Plainsong. Once you take down enough Widemaws to collect six metal pods, you have to return to Kue.

Once you return, Kue creates a weapon to fight against the Tenakht rebels. You have to aid him in the final fight to restore peace to the village. Fight off the rebels and a few machines and the quest will complete. Kue will reward you with his Sharpshot Bow which is one of the better early game weapons that you can get in Horizon Forbidden West.

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