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Horizon Forbidden West: The Sea of Sands guide

Here’s a complete walkthrough of The Sea of Sands quest.

Updated: Mar 5, 2022 1:14 pm
Horizon Forbidden West: The Sea of Sands guide

The Sea of Sands is one of the main quests in Horizon Forbidden West and starts as soon as the player completes the Eye of the Earth quest. This is a shorter quest than many of the other main quests in Horizon Forbidden West and has a recommended player level of 22 if you are following the natural chronology of the game. In this quest, Aloy must travel to the ruins of Las Vegas while attempting to retrieve POSEIDON, one of GAIA’s lost subordinate functions. 

How to Complete The Sea of Sands Quest

This quest starts with Aloy traveling to the ruins of Las Vegas. Here you must look for The Tower of Tears, which is a flooded broken-down casino building. You’ll have to look for the yellow ladder in order to enter. Here Aloy meets a new set of characters in a cut scene. 

Make sure Aloy uses all the dialogue options when talking to Morlund and travel to the lift shaft. Players must pick up the Compressed Air which is under the water and head outside the building where they can locate the nearby herd through Focus. Here they’ll come across hostile machines, including Burrowers and Glinthawks. These will be easy to kill, but then you’ll have to face Longlegs. Fight the Longlegs with Shock damage. The last machine you see is the Frost Bellowback, which is weak to Fire Damage. Make sure to loot all the bodies and go back into the building to meet Morlund. 

Players will now have the complete Diving Gear. They can explore the underwater region of the casino, and get a good look at the Tideripper, who has to be defeated later. Interact with the valves and reach the Maintenance Pump Station where you can drain all the water. Now, go back to the Tideripper and you can easily kill it with Shock Damage. Now the Tideripper is out of the way, grab POSEIDON. Using the Pullcaster, go back to the top of the Casino and speak to Morlund. The quest will complete when you return back to GAIA. 

Completing the quest gives the player one diving mask, 11,000 XP, and two Skill Points. The next quest is The Seeds of the Past.

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