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Horizon Forbidden West: The Wings of the Ten guide

Here’s a quick walkthrough on completing The Wings of the Ten quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

Updated: Mar 7, 2022 8:11 pm
The wings of the ten

The Wings of the Ten is the sixteenth main quest in Horizon Forbidden West with a recommended player level of 32. In this quest, Aloy must defeat the Zeniths, rescue Beta and GAIA, all the while attempting to defeat Regalla’s rebellion. This is the second last quest in the game and is automatically unlocked after completing the All That Remains quest. 

How to Complete The Wings of the Ten Quest?

Start the quest by traveling back to The Base and starting a conversation with your allies, specifically Zo. You will now have to craft the Sunwing Override from the marked console inside the Base. Once you’ve done this, sneak up to a Sunwing located on a west-side mountain top, use the override and fly it. 

Aloy must now fly to a nearby Tallneck and override it as well. This will take you to Horus, the nearest location of a Power Cell on top of the Titan’s back. 

The next objective in the quest is to fight Regalla. It isn’t easy to defeat Regalla, and the first phase happens in the arena with purely melee combat using spears. Be wary of Regalla’s attacks, as she uses a combination of moves and is fast in her attacks – the best tactic is to keep dodging her sword. 

The second phase allows Aloy to use a bow and spike throwers to deliver damage, but carefully timed spear combos are very effective while using the environment as a barrier. In both the second and third phases, target Regalla’s mask so that her head is vulnerable. After a cutscene, the third phase begins: which is a combination of close-range and distance combat in the arena. Regalla will use dust attacks and plasma spikes against Alloy, so be prepared for these sudden moves. Make sure to use explosive barrels around the Arena. 

Once Regalla’s mask is gone, a few carefully timed headshots can bring her down. You can now decide to save or kill Regalla. Saving her means you get help during the upcoming combat with Zenith, but killing her will also end the quest. 
Completing The Wings of the Ten will give the player 26,000 XP and two skill points. The next quest is Singularity

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